Genius programmer 12 years old start a new company financing 10 million

Abstract12 years old, Mitchell · prepared a network game cheats Daquan Cheat Neopets, which also received a letter of attorney.

BI Chinese station on December 22nd reported

at the age of 25, Mitchell · (Mitchell) has been a promising young company HashiCorp co-founder and CEO, and has a working experience of 13 years of experience in Hashimoto.

started his first venture at the age of 12. "I want to teach people how to play video games." He said with a smile, so I prepared the online game cheats Daquan Cheat Neopets. You only need to pay $25 a month, and you’ll get all the tips I’ve found. Things were going well until Neopets sent me a letter asking me to stop it."

"at that time, I was 13 years old and I thought I was finished." He said, "I remember anxious sweating, terrified. My parents thought I was just playing video games. But when the letter came to my house, they asked angrily, "what the hell are you doing after school?"

Hashimoto’s father is a Japanese, according to the description of Hashimoto, he is kind but very strict, he did not pay too much attention to his son’s love for computers. The lawyer’s letter did not let his son with special respect. Hashimoto’s parents restricted him to playing only two hours a week. He had to wait for his parents to go to sleep.

into 500 thousand, dad is still dissatisfied with

When Hashimoto was at college, his father told him that he had only one year to do things on


"if I can’t prove myself in a year, I’ll have to pay for my tuition, or as a lawyer or a doctor, as my father would."." Hashimoto said.

found an opportunity when he enrolled in elective courses in freshman year at Hashimoto. The students got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, ran to the queue to register, but still failed to get the lessons they wanted. So I wrote a program that could help students sign up for classes – as long as they pay me."

this software burst red overnight. "During the four years of college, I captured about 80% of the students." He said.

he spends only 20 hours a year to maintain the software, "I earn far more than a college student can earn money." He said with a smile.

"I accounted for about $500 thousand a year." He said. When he graduated from college, he sold the software, but he didn’t say how much it was selling.

but, his