Open a restaurant to understand the needs of customers

a lot of people have plans to open a restaurant, the restaurant business skills are also more interested in. Today, we focus on how to improve the consumer experience of the restaurant. Open a restaurant, if you can let consumers fall in love with the food store while enjoying the environment, then I believe they will be loyal customers in your store. So what can enhance the consumer experience for the restaurant?

The first is

can create on the front of the store environment. Store entrance is beautiful, glass doors and windows, aisles are clean and tidy, the name and logo of the restaurant is correct, whether the form of the atmosphere. There is one point about the service, the customer is in a position to provide whether temporary rest and seat, there are a lot of restaurants are doing well, like sea fishing in a time not only is the chair, also provide small food and beverage and entertainment small puzzle game for customers. These will make the customer feel very intimate, even if a lot of time is willing to eat this house.

The second point is to create a


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