How to make money flow booth

stall has two forms, one is a fixed booth, there is a flow of stalls. Different stalls, money may be different, and today Xiaobian introduced is the flow stalls. So, how to make money flow stalls? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

flow booth is a kind of comparison in the city to make money in the street, have the ability to earn tens of thousands of dollars. The flow stalls are not fixed in one place every day in a city, but after a while they will return to their original place. So you do not expect anyone who will take care of your business for a long time, you just go out today to get how much money back that is the ability.

one, how the flow of mobile

mobile stalls is the most crucial link to go where today, tomorrow, where to put? The first thing you will want to check out the location, in the city market for all, focus on the city farmers market, the popularity of the recording sites, after a round of cycle. But there is a problem, who is going to flow stalls who put the early, in case you come late today? Then you’ll be one of the nearest to you.

would also like to remind you that there is a stall rules, that is, although this booth is not his, but he put a piece of cloth in this place, you can not swing. If you find a good location to the next, then sell, then you can put what point on the ground, understand the rules all know someone here to put.

two, how to do

flow stalls mainly to sell goods roar, but also sell bargain goods. Roar goods business in the stall is the most popular one, but it is also a relatively thin profit, but do a good day can be thousands of dollars. Because you can do it all day. The same thing as a dollar, up to a day can sell 2700 yuan, more than 3000 people. The goods do not roar lower than the annual salary of one hundred thousand california.

jargon explains

1, roar goods: goods do special, and then sell and other means of promotion, to deal with the uniform price of public goods. Profit is thin, but the sales volume is large, suitable for mobile sales, because it will bring a place to buy a frenzy and a new kind of freshness, but this kind of freshness is no business, you have to flow.

2, promotion of goods: need to introduce function and use of new exotic products. Some places are also called propaganda goods. Profit is the highest of all the stalls. But in order to sell high profits, it must be propaganda, hype product features, eloquence is the most important.

3, bargain goods: it is different from the roar of goods is not the price

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