Jinhua invested nearly 80 million yuan to support employment and Entrepreneurship

winter comes, public entrepreneurship enthusiasm is half reduced, the governments at all levels will support public innovation as the focus of the work. Zhejiang, Jinhua introduced the policy, will invest 10 million yuan per year to support college students employment.

new multiple references to support entrepreneurial College graduates. For example, the use of fiscal policy to support the development of venture capital, venture capital, angel investment, etc.. To guide social capital, financial capital to jointly establish a public investment fund, mainly used to support the start-up period, early, better growth of entrepreneurial projects, focusing on the support of college graduates entrepreneurship.

There are subsidies for rural electricity providers,

development in home service industry

deal also proposed to encourage rural labor employment, the key support of e-commerce in rural areas and rural tourism economic development. Support key groups of rural electricity providers engaged in rural electronic commerce, rural tourism project, family run hotel (B & B) entrepreneurship, employment subsidy standards can go up to 20%. Urban and rural workers in the village level e-commerce service station for more than 1 years and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law, the human social security, finance department finds that you can enjoy a one-time subsidy of $5000.

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