The key point is how to locate your website

website, the topic, what station do this site as a mysterious person, this website mainly aims at that, finally, the station group, how should you use it, he can help you make money, I said here, man, is not alive for money! Not to say, to get to


1, market positioning planning

to do a website, the first point is that this website, how to give money? Who the money? How much? How to make them the most willing to give money? This is just the first step of site planning, but also the most important step.

IT this market, now what people do, what the fantastic, the site has a powerful and unconstrained style, only think, not impossible, but how many money? Do, with factory is not what is the difference, planning, production, sales of the three links. And the market positioning planning is the basic work, and only on the premise of planning, and at a glance, know a little bit later, you can rest assured, bold to burn money, open "IT factory."".

to do the first step, we must first think, what to do and what type of site? Is to do business network, it would have to consider, to do portal, industry portal, industry channel network, e-commerce network, network game, network community or other network


nonsense, if not for us these IT people better to talk to others, in fact, the site did not what bird thing good, the website is a website, a network base is to allow users to see, and play.

so do the first work of this work is to forget all the so-called "professional network", but return back to you just an ordinary person, a netizen, the Internet users and habits, is the most important. For example, why do tourists surf the Internet? What do they do on the Internet? What are their habits on the Internet? Thinking about them is the most important thing.

cater to the needs of Internet users, guide Internet users habits, that is to meet the needs of the market, and guide the market demand, as long as the market needs to find the point, it can be said that the market positioning, planning to do the bit.

2, profit model planning

knows where the market is. It’s not enough to know who gives the money. What’s important is what we can do to get them money and happy. This is the time to plan your website’s profit model.

3, business model planning

OK, after solving the above two basic work, is opened to the operating model of thinking, planning. The so-called operation model, that is, you intend to personally operate the management of this project, or ask a professional IT people to operate the management of this project, which is a problem.

operates a web site that includes many aspects, including how the team is formed and the site (product) >

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