Taking the Chinese clothing network as an example this paper discusses the experience of website ed

to China garment network as an example of website promotion: after China garment network design is developed, not only a content empty, so how are we to the fastest speed to create a content rich, let Baidu Google can quickly search records of the industry Web site < /p>?

Chinese clothing portal content editing and adding

1, website’s information such as website announcement, the supply of information, interviews etc. need to copy with short release. Clothing classification column content is numerous, cannot wait for a copy of an article to edit and modify, website editor only need to master some articles, pseudo original skills, you can quickly enrich the content of the site. Here I introduce a lot of pseudo original skills.

(1) modify article title tips

Chinese writing is broad and profound. One meaning can be expressed in different ways. For example, the original title of the article "fabric procurement there," and modified to become "where to provide fabric wholesale", the meaning is basically the same, and this is what we call the "replacement" method". The title of the article is particularly important for the search engine, if you are good at using the replacement method, the keyword ranking for the article will be very good results.

(2) content modification techniques

at the beginning of the first paragraph, I can write some views and views, the best can not write, you can add a few words, or delete a few words. If the number is based on Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, without affecting the reading of the article, you can put the order of the article from the new arrangement. Keywords, if necessary, can be bold and add hyperlinks. At the end of the article, you can usually add a paragraph of small text ads in the hospital, such as what "warm reminder" and so on.

(3) foreign article translation

English translation is troublesome, it is recommended to directly to Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong and other traditional Chinese characters used in the region to find relevant articles translated into simplified, you can directly add to the clothing network.

(4) is good at using Baidu news,

The latest articles a lot of clothing industry

Baidu News Health Channel, hospital website editors can choose their own website content to the pseudo original changes, just remember to look behind the title of the article there is a green "* * * related news", less is more. You can also directly search the news search box to search for the content you need, and make false original changes. Such articles are generally easily searchable by search engines.

(5) to develop the habit of drawing

article with pictures, one can enrich the content, improve the degree of customer experience, two can be false original article packaging more easy to search engines. In the case of ample time, it is possible to match each article with pictures. The recent work is to do links, and then we tell you how to do links at the same time do site SE>

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