Writing without words is not far from being neglected

although currently known as the "era of reading pictures", video, audio, pictures and other forms of Internet expression unstoppable, but the absolute dominance of the Internet or text. The most intuitive example is the current dominant search engine or keyword form, "text pages" search, "content is just meaningless interspersed keywords" spam popular, also proved this point.


dominates today’s web world, or text pages

website content is very important, many webmaster, SEOER said, and can not really pay attention to the site of writing as a matter of fact, they are more concerned about is a variety of rapid promotion website ranking keywords "SEO skills".

website copywriting is simple, is the product service introduced clearly, let people understand, and produce the purchase motivation, does not need to draw text description.

"but the simple things are always not easy, why Taobao guest will be Baidu large-scale K station, Baidu search engineer Lee said that Baidu was not prejudiced against Taobao off site, but because of too much repetition is nothing new, it is not pay attention to the serious consequences of writing.

indeed, website (Network Marketing) writing is very concise and to the point, but not equal to not equal to not need in order to gloss it over, not to mention the efforts, writing also has let users identify their website products and services, to become their own customers, even this is not far, finally also took the initiative for the website function of free publicity. Therefore, must pay enough attention to the document writing.

Chinese sages had realized the role of language in media communication, Confucius said: "no words of text, but not far" — not only emphasizes the "dignified array of cloth, for carrying the authority of the banners in perfect order, pay attention to the pursuit of more; the word" readability "and" interesting ", only in this way, it may spread further and more extensive influence. Therefore Chinese literati expressing his own views, not only clearly express their views; but also attaches great importance to the words and sentences, rhetorical allusions, even want to use a fable to let people easily understand what he said.


may even Li Si did not think he was the king of Qin documents "Jian Zhuke book" became famous (network picture)

Such as "

," to "spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" and "kezhouqiujian" allusions, has spread not only these stories, fables, be handed down and tell the story of the hero was opinion such as Li Si was the king of Qin documents "Jian Zhu Ke Shu", not only succeeded in persuading the king back "Zhuke (non expulsion of Qin" policy, and the counselor): "the etheric mountain let the soil, so it can become bigger and bigger; Hehai not >

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