Monitoring network public opinion into a hot industry

in the age of social media, whether you know it or not, whether you want to hear it or not, people are talking about you and causing direct, indirect, and even fatal effects on you. The same is true of enterprises, McDonald’s hamburger "anti-corrosion door", "overlord shampoo" carcinogenic, "HP computer quality gate", no one originated in the network, and in the network of public opinion is infinitely enlarged.

is the simplest and free monitoring of public opinion, is the Google news, the most complex and powerful public opinion monitoring is GFW (fire the Great Wall). More and more enterprises begin to pay more attention to the monitoring of Internet public opinion. At present, monitoring and analysis of online public opinion is a new industry in china.

The main functions of

online public opinion monitoring are crisis public relation, competitive intelligence and internet word-of-mouth monitoring.

network public opinion monitoring: news review, BBS forum, blog, podcast, RSS, news thread and post, etc.. In 11 years, micro-blog has become the biggest source of information in Chinese public opinion.

public opinion monitoring needs large, high wages



observation, a common opinion monitoring specialist not low wages, salary of about 4000-6000 yuan, because public opinion monitoring mainly for enterprises and government departments, unfamiliar to public speaking, but a lot of job demand. The monitoring of public opinion can be divided into 3 directions:

1: technical direction

is mainly a software development engineer with experience in Internet information collection, retrieval and analysis, and Chinese Natural Language Processing software development or algorithm research, and is proficient in database optimization. Most of these jobs are dug up from search companies such as Sohu, Baidu, and sina.

2: analysis direction

provides monitoring and analysis of public opinion for the enterprise, general for communication and media professional, familiar with the network, understand the propagation characteristics of Internet information, can grasp the hot news, this kind of position some of them by the network editing and promotion.

3: PR direction,

mainly provides the effective promotion and the development suggestion for the enterprise, helps the enterprise to process the negative information promptly. Most of these jobs come from public relations firms or sales.

Short News: people through public opinion service revenue of nearly 200 million

people’s public opinion monitoring room is one of the earliest monitoring institutions engaged in Internet public opinion, in the monitoring and analysis of public opinion in the field of domestic leading position. Recently, claimed by public opinion service revenue has been close to 200 million, products include "public opinion magazine to help leaders to see network", the network public opinion monitoring platform and public opinion report; public opinion journal service has covered 30% of the county government, in addition to the development of future customers, but also the development of leading enterprises and customers, the establishment of public opinion analyst team.


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