Solve traffic problems and business model problems poke open nternet thinking that layer of window

Internet thinking recently clamoring. The Internet has no shortage of blood, and the double eleven war, Taobao Tmall 35 billion is not let us think of the internet.


The traditional

industry has a cold fish, such as real estate celebrities Ren Zhiqiang micro-blog said: About 30000000000, ha ha, not a few pieces of money. And Wanda Wang Jianlin is claimed to do electricity providers, first burned billions, does not matter.

Internet thinking and traditional industries once again stood on the opposite side, but precisely reflects the lack of both sides. In this world, no oil and perpetual motion. No matter who is the Internet or traditional industry, should not underestimate the Internet industry and traditional industries, should use the dialectical approach, its essence to its dregs, make use of Internet, this is the most fundamental.

traditional industry internet thinking misunderstanding

still heard many Hao boss often attend some training and meetings, spending billions of dollars to buy the so-called Internet products, or hosting social marketing platform of their own, there seems to be a product flow and Everything will be fine.

of course, there seems to be a more professional boss, his high salary to dig a few talents, organize a team, burn a money quickly closed, and then curse the Internet is a liar.

or traditional industry that is very understand the Internet master, to develop their own products and models that, on the Internet, advocating a, then look at the weather, the start of the project is good to talk about wine, then there is no then.

in the face of the Internet, the traditional industry should avoid impetuous, depth analysis of their own needs. The Internet is a visible and tangible thing. Don’t go beyond myths. Use the Internet. There’s no need to argue. Conform to the market demand, face up to the problem, solve the flow problem and business model problem, is the traditional industry internet thinking transformation of the only way.

solve the misunderstanding core one: recognize the nature of traffic

traffic is not only the traditional industry, a topic is also troubled by the Internet industry, the Internet is actually the first problem of survival after the traditional industries, good products, good mode, no flow is not life, but not the traffic is fatal.

, we need to distinguish between the traffic attributes that we need:

platform products: traffic sources are narrow, but also the most challenging, it takes a long time to cultivate their own platform

electricity supplier level products: it is a large-scale flow of products

media attribute platform: generate traffic, but traffic is difficult to translate into income, can be transformed into influence

social marketing platform: consumption of traffic, but the test is the platform’s integrated operation capability

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