Zero or one days a month do what day P1000 think

May 17, 2008 application domain name: start, and strive to do this site, because I am a teacher, familiar with this piece of education, so choose education resources website content.

do stand in the process, every day look at the collection oh no, Google included, then Yahoo is included, is the last hope hope ah, ah, 19 days before Baidu included; open every day at least 20 times, look at the key words, flow, antecedents, lifting list, surveyed the page, every day stationmaster net, watch the news, technical articles. Luckily, I didn’t see GGAD every day. Since I have to work every day, I take all my rest time into it. Too tired。


website is not easy ah, in 2004 the school website to know PowerEasy, know what is the acquisition, know the laggards BBS, Webmaster Station, stationmaster net, also know what is ALEXA ranking, SEO is what. Repeat the "king of the pictures" one month to build 1000IP tutorials. Today, on June 23rd, my station’s IP also arrived at 1000IP, zero or one months a week. You should be happy to be here, but not a little happy. The site of the purpose is to earn outside the block, then put on the GGAD, the daily income of 0.2$, 500 days 100$ah, even after the IP up to 3000 ~ 5000IP (difficult for me), day 1 ~ 2$(education class at the lower, click rate is these low) enough money to keep the space domain and electricity and Internet fee, computer pass fee.

this is something I do website of 1 and a half years! (before the station sold a total of 200RMB


what I want now is a calm mood and a healthy state of mind. Do the station has no income income is good, even if, there is time to update, no time is not updated, not updated every day, every day at 51.LA, not every day to see the GG income, not every day, go to the Baidu SITE, not every day on the station network, more than once a week.

The final conclusion is that

do Wangzhuan is not easy, the body is the capital of revolution, don’t care too much about personal income, the flow of the station, or very tired. Written in a mess, just like I’m in a bad mood.

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