Analysis of several factors influencing users’ desire to buy

a website wants to make a profit, it is to let the user have the desire that buys to your product. Recently, I have been analyzing the conversion rate, click rate, and the most important user purchase desire. There are many sites have accurate flow but not be able to sell their products well, I also like the more than 2000 precise flow of customer IP has only 1 single transaction, the conversion rate is not visible, which is a lot of people do not want to see the results. Well, what exactly is the user’s desire to buy? Here are some of the factors I recently tested and analyzed for your reference!


, the first site of UI User Interface user interface: whether it is to enhance the user viscosity and user experience, the user enters your site must not give people a kind of garbage, is advertising feeling, so in the design of the site must be the appearance of web design professional, beautiful, not fancy which kind, and by my station is basically uniform, the template is the same to the user’s feeling is plagiarism, fatigue will cause the user, another factor is the top of the front page of an article – advertising. I feel disgusted with what others see.

, second product types: personally feel that this is a factor affecting consumer desire to buy the largest, is a few days ago a user in my website message said "every brand has let you boast over, but do not know who to choose good", who saw the message was already aware of the reason, I made the transformation the station is low, a station do not recommend a lot of product brands, product brands are recommended if everyone says, will lead to a result of user couldn’tdecide finally in vain loss a customer, the final recommendation of 3 product line, Taobao for passengers.

Trust website:

third, in fact, wrote an article "how to blog site increase CTR and Website Trust" has mentioned this problem before, for a blog positioning of their role, this role must be a professional in a certain field, the user will further believe you station, there are some small details that can be put on their own QQ, let others come to consult, to help solve some of the problems, for example: Taobao can help others buy, take commission. For your own website localization of a video on the conversion rate will improve a lot, who is a visual animal, instead of watching the boring text, instead of watching a video can be their own products promotional video


well, the 3 point above is my recent operation of some of the site’s sentiment, I hope you will improve the conversion rate help!


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