Experience and experience of local portal website merchant information collection

released a few days ago here about the development and experience of local stations. These days, my station llbst.com is also in operation, in the collection of merchant information, also encountered all aspects of the problem:

1: the store is now concerned about the free collection now, will you charge later?.

two: we fill in what good, also told us the benefits of doubt, because we in this area a lot of network, the Internet is not very well, so I don’t think we can get the benefits.

three: and we even use the phone to cheat him even if we think we collect his information and cheat others, or if they give us a call.

I think these problems after you do when the local station will encounter problems, we also collected information provided to us, each store to receive a name card. Back in accordance with the classification of the name card included. The problem we have considered, but not a good explanation, because when you have to say and businesses (Liling know-all) this brand into their minds, whether they fill in the shop information is not complete, at least they still know this area there is a a brand, a station that can do what uses. It also prevents others from copying and collecting information about the merchant you are standing in. Because they have collected, but shops and businesses still know only your station, because you have given them the first impression. As long as they remember your station, your brand is OK.

Oh, here may be a bit off topic, here is my two days to collect information on the experience, we can according to their reference area. I still this sentence, not all regional portal station is applicable to what I said, this is only in step by step to build their own station experience and experience.

: result of a collection of information please is best female, while high school graduates is better (summer) because we had two men in the collection of information, collect information is only collected so much. Men are not lazy, lazy. Exactly why, perhaps everyone can think of, ha ha,

two experience: in the beginning of time to collect information, you must first according to some information on the sign in several others, and then to run other businesses, so that people see other shop items we also fill in.

at the same time, I have an idea, that is, in the Internet bar to set up IE home page, we also talk with the Internet cafe owners, they worry about a few points:

1: set this thing to have no effect on the system. (this is not known to all)

two: now the system here is mainly a smart diskless system, I heard that it is impossible to modify this default home page, I do not know if it is true

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