A mountain to beat the competition

long time no A5 to share experience with you, first, relatively hard work recently, come back from work, take a bath and go to bed, and two is not writing their own foundation. The article written a few days ago did not pass on the A5, but also a blow. Today rest, think about there is nothing to do, we share the experience of building stations.

is now the Internet as before the threshold so high, just what people spend as long as one or two hours to learn basic knowledge and then pay the hundred yuan can do a website. Recently, I have encountered a funny thing. The day before yesterday, a long time no communication home friends suddenly send information, and I want to make a friendship link. The URL sent me a scare, and the web site did the wrong thing with my (Langao forum www.lgrbbs.com). Even more, the website layout section is exactly the same as mine. Most of the posts inside are collected by me. The pictures of the forum are downloaded from my website. At that time in a cold sweat, but also to grab a site. So he refused his request directly. Things like this are not the first time they have met two people. At the beginning of the forum, many competitors have counted at least 5. Finally, I beat him one by one. It was only a matter of time before I beat him. The following summary of experience, I hope to help some of the novice webmaster.

, to learn to enrich themselves, more modestly to the new and old Adsense learning experience, more like webmaster QQ group, now do than is the strength, the strength of many than money than technology, for most of the webmaster general than have technology, so learning SEO at least we can have very good rankings, now the Internet love Baidu search.

two, if there is a competitor to analyze their advantages, can use a small undercover for several days, slowly get each other’s trust will generally come out and then apply for dew point resources as a moderator of what good luck can also get what the administrator. Save it and repair it slowly. The new general station is very short of hands, just made a little bit like a super edition are easy to apply. The so-called know ourselves victorious.

three, this trick I unremittingly, beat several other sites is to rely on, for ordinary people to spend money to do a website is urgent to get a return, but the reality is very cruel. Many people insist on a few days don’t temper, for me, has always insisted on the people of Langao. The forum has done more than a year now posting daily volume of less than 100 IP to about 300, revenue opportunities for 0 but I still insist on. I believe in dreams, there will always be a successful day.

finally had to say is that the user experience, the people have to win the world. So I started to build a website for 500 super large to the county’s people from all walks of life are included in, what the user needs directly in the group discussion, such as a web site to establish what forum, website how location >

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