How to break through in the rice and vegetable roll small owners of chaos two

at the beginning of the year wrote a "small and medium-sized webmaster how to break through the chaos", caused a lot of webmaster friend resonance, and therefore know a lot of standing friends. In this article, it mainly expounds the current situation of domestic construction industry:

1. small number of sites.

The quality of the

2. site is uneven.

3. profit model is not clear.

then explained some of my suggestions from the following six aspects:

1. make sure the purpose and attitude of the station.

2. gives the site an accurate location.

3. execution can not be ignored.

4. content king, in the end for what?

5. really doesn’t need it?.

6. at the circle is the key to develop good network connections.

these are some of the main points in the article early in the year. Now 2009 of the end of the year, do not know how to look at the beginning of this article webmaster friends now station business, I hope everyone can put up Web site operators.

a few days ago with an old webmaster chat, talk about how the small and medium-sized webmaster how to develop the problem, simply put the content of the conversation, and share with you. There are countless stations at home and abroad, but few of them have sprung up. Integrated webmasters thinking, there are following a lot of headaches:

1. doesn’t know how to promote its website.

2. has no money chain to promote its website.

3. does not have a clear positioning, content varied.

4. does not have its own team, relying on individual capacity management is limited, there are big differences in technology.

5. does not have extensive Internet connections, often for their new sites to exchange links and headache, you can refer to my "small and medium-sized webmaster broaden contacts ten golden rule.".

6. no profit point and profit mentality, most of the webmaster in the "zero income" or "low income" status.

7. people don’t have much time and energy.

the above problems are not in two words or three will be able to solve the problem that relates to personal factors and environmental factors, so today I’m not here to talk about the problem. In the future, of course, I will share some of my suggestions with you. Well, today I want to give webmaster friends some of the current operation, but also more purposeful way of building.

The local

station, many people believe that many people have been doing, I will recommend some good local industry money today. Webmaster friends although do not stand to make money for the purpose, but if you do stand, even life can not maintain, also from >

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