Grass roots webmaster success secret see more practice often sum up

We often say

, to look at others’ successful experience, so that we can avoid detours, more close to success; look at others’ growth story, can give us some inspiration, let us do better.

July 22nd, Admin5 version of the chat activity every Thursday invited Mou Changqing to share his years of Internet experience and to share his story, network promotion, blog operation experience, this order exceeded some of the information, welcome to discuss.

asked: "has been in the A5 home page to see Mou Changqing’s article, but to Mou Changqing still don’t understand, guests can not briefly introduce yourself? Are you also a personal webmaster?


answer: I have been at work, but also as a personal webmaster. I am in the Qihoo, kuxun, eLong and other companies have spent, now an electronic commerce site office.

: see Mou Changqing many articles in the study of blog promotion operations, I ask, your current operation of, this blog traffic and income,


answer: blog flow is not big, about IP2000 per day, about PV5000. But basically do not have rubbish flow, it is stationmaster relevant user, among them want to understand the user that network promotion gives priority to. In the premise of not affecting the user experience, there are some Adsense users groups related monthly advertising, now advertising revenue in more than 2000 it, blogging is not the main purpose of making money.

asked: guests think, as a grassroots webmaster need to have what quality, skills, etc..

answer: can skillfully operate the computer, understand the basic knowledge of the Internet, will understand the simple HTML, in addition, not afraid of hardship, willing to learn on the line. That’s how I came here. I don’t know the technology. It’s a website made of free templates. Late do go9go, so there are technical barriers to the site, there are looking for technical cooperation with friends.

asked: "for the construction of the chain, what brilliant idea?"

answer: if it is increased, the chain can use these methods: 1: write soft text 2, a large number of exchange links. 3: through some BBS, blog to increase the chain. 4, the most direct is to spend money to buy the chain. Some specific examples of analysis, you can go to my blog to see.

asks: "guest, you are the expert that the network promotes, can I ask the network promotes this occupation to do well? How do you do network promotion?


answer: network promotion this career threshold is not high, just do very difficult. I do network promotion, mainly hobbies, from the most simple BBS promotion began, slowly contact other promotion means. I started the 2 years of network promotion experience, you can go to the blog to read my 2 articles, "22 years of work experience", "23 years of work experience".

asked: "now the domestic Internet environment is somewhat special, the impact of foreign space is not big,



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