Mergers and acquisitions rebirth shows what kind of nternet development attributes

the Internet today is a time of mergers and acquisitions, and it can also be described as an age of oligopoly. Only with a strong capital company in order to get the opportunity to develop in the context of growing competition, so you can see PPS to Baidu’s arms, Sina toward Ali’s direction. Because we already know that only through mergers and acquisitions, will be more advantage to appear in front of the user, in order to launch a more fitting so that we love the product, you may take this business behavior as helpless, but this one just contains the attribute must be Internet product development, brand integration and construction.

in the original electric grid blog seen such a word, what is the brand, brand not only let consumers understand the label after what it represents, but let the consumer deeply into this ecosystem. Branding is a kind of value from a small point of view. It is a way of life in a big way. The merger and acquisition of this behavior is obviously everyone’s understanding of the brand from the shallow directly to the deep, and further consolidate the brand to the user’s due level.

overall strategic, each merger reflects this element, whether it is the acquisition of sina, Baidu or YAHOO or PPS injection and Tumblr in hand, behind these acquisitions are the deep meaning of global brand strategy. You know you will not give the brand a product to be representative of the brand, the guide is a way of life, like’s Internet store concept, brand extension is based on the main business, and then create a closed circle, while the merger apparently can provide the most basic and most closed circle construction fast demand.

force for sustainable development, together to create greater combat force, although in the Internet world, 1+1 is not greater than 2, but as long as the appropriate merger will be more or less support in the original business, only a PPS for example, the addition of PPS can be different in "let love fantastic video broadcast domain on the floor, thus breaking the excellent soil monopoly, which is embodied in the M & a force for sustainable development, if there is no merger, integration of resources, it will become Sogou as has been in midstream embarrassing realm.

user guide, Ma said in a resignation speech, the Internet Co of the greatest places that offer a trust, and that trust is cannot be replaced by any other commodity, the Internet giants Baotuan struggle, in addition to the integration of resources, I would like to expand its influence, to provide users more guidance is the key. After all the user’s herd mentality is the key point of most businesses need to grasp, like WeChat why so that everyone is afraid, because WeChat can be directly "dominant" user traffic flow guided by brand, so the merger is also based on this consideration, hope that through mergers and acquisitions to break the original product impression bound, the ultimate goal of completing the user oriented.

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