How did change from an entity store to an online shop

in this information, the digital age, people need is how to faster, more convenient to buy their own love and need items, so there we are most familiar with the Alibaba, and is now the most popular, pat network. As living in the twenty-first Century we have a proud character, daring spirit, therefore, entrepreneurship has become a new topic. The idea of starting a business is good, but what kind of industry is it? That’s the problem,

I am not just graduated from the University for 2 years, just graduated that, because of the reason of the personality, love is not working for others, think of their own business, began thinking, because young people are very beauty now, often buy clothes, jewelry, so I started my business, a a clothing store, but after all, is the lack of social experience, in addition to the garment industry market did not understand clearly, started basically did not make money. Then I summarize the experience, mainly because the purchase price is too high, plus lots of choice is not good, know my own shortcomings, I own a person, run in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Fujian, the largest clothing wholesale market, with the manufacturers direct orders, because it is the factory direct supply, less a post, after coming back, I finally earned my first pot of gold.

business bigger and bigger, then there are concerns, because of start-up, no strong capital, the store is too small, a lot of clothing are not hanging in the store, many customers come in here and say how kind of clothes is so little, I was really helpless, thought with the family money, but is so big. I want to, feel shy, borrow money from friends, also rejected me. Later, a chat with my friends online, my friend said concerns, enlighten me: "how can you be so rigid, there is now a new term – online shopping, haven’t you heard?" I explained, this I know, but China people don’t trust this is not the reality of the network platform. Friends continue to enlighten me, first you have to believe it yourself. Friends advised me to do a lot of thinking about, too, I do not believe, how can let others believe? I will try in, need to take myself in something, I found new results, indeed, many types of goods, but not out of their need to buy something.

know this path, I have done a lot of summing up, have a lot of ideas, my university is on the computer, the computer knowledge or understand, and see a lot of enterprises have their own websites, I think why I do not make a website that do? And spend a few days time, I made a website with Dreamweaver, then find the server, buy space. Everything’s all set. It took me a few days to take my product with digital camera and upload it to my website. Finally, one week later, my clothes shop, shop, my dazzle clothes shop formed.

There is a popular saying on

online: "put a beach on 70s."

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