5 free PPC bidding advertising tools

uses some tools to save your time while studying and researching PPC ad campaigns. Now I’ll explain the 5 free PPC ad tools in detail.

1. Google Adwords editor


what is the Google Adwords editor? The Google AdWords editor is a free Google application for managing ad campaigns. Use this application to download your account, use your powerful editing tools to update your ad series, and then upload changes to AdWords.

Why does

use the Google Adwords editor? You can work offline and manage many accounts at the same time. You can check carefully before issuing PPC ads to see if there are any problems and save the page load time after opening the Google Adwords account. The Adwords editor automatically checks for errors in published ads until you correct them.

2.Adwords Wrapper


what is Adwords Wrapper? This is a foreigner designed free online tool that can help you change keywords from one form of matching to a variety of Google forms of matching.

Why does

use Adwords Wrapper? Using this tool does not have to manually modify the keywords one by one, saving you time.

3.Keyword Combiner


what is Keyword Combiner? Help you merge keywords from 3 lists.

Why does

use Keyword Combiner? It allows you to complete the combination of keywords without Excel.

4.Google Angency Toolkit


what is "Google Angency Toolkit"? This is a list of tools that Google has written for the clients themselves.

why use Google Angency Toolkit? You don’t have to collect 50 URLs on the toolbar. Don’t worry about the address. Google will update the latest URL address at any time.

5.Keywords Typo Generator


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