Grassroots entrepreneurship three years of grinding sword fragrant from bitter cold

is also a winter night. The wind is tight.

when I was in the dim light, write down these words when recalling the past, is still filled with a thousand regrets. Three years ago, the same is such a night, in a bed on the floor of Zhang Jiang, I came up with such a idea. online books over the past three years, has grown into a money online tree root luxuriant trees full of vigour!

winter again recalled origin

very frankly, I began to do when money online, and did not really want to have such a day, will make money online as a lifelong career to do. Despite 04 years, Google introduced the concept of online application, but it was not until 06 years, this concept in Chinese real concern.

thought of making money online, two for a very simple reason: Based on

one, I firmly believe that online applications are the future trend of software development, I believe that one day, most of the software will be able to use.


two, with the great wealth of material life in society, people’s financial awareness will become increasingly strong. Financial management is no more than two aspects: open source, throttling. To be reasonable, first remember.

however, when I presented this idea to the people around me, everyone objected to.

"put your books on the Internet, joking!" that’s how most people react,.

however, this reaction was what I expected. Because I believe that at the beginning of the birth of new things, must not be understood by most people. As people don’t believe in online shopping, now also believe. Did not believe now that online banking,.

didn’t believe in online bookkeeping before, right now,


two fall in distress,

money online in early 06 on the line, but until the end of 06, still less than one hundred users. On the one hand, is the promotion is not enough. More important, because everyone on the internet account for this new thing is not approved for.07 years, the situation has improved slowly. With the continuous efforts of Google and other manufacturers, people began to application of this new mode of online slowly accepted the use of the software. On the other hand, to 07 years, the country has several similar websites available. It is these peers come out, slowly heated up this market.

however, it seems that the growth of any new thing is always accompanied by twists and turns, thorns,.

just when people began to accept online bookkeeping, a very good accounting network developed in China: went bankrupt. Without any statement, it shut down the server.

The collapse of

Ynnny has given everyone a new sense of trust in online bookkeeping

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