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as a personal webmaster, I am very clear about their hard growth process. So when I saw a book named "I have no choice but to struggle," I was deeply moved by the story. The hero in the book seems to have become me, become thousands of individual webmaster, he experienced, is what we webmaster friends experienced. I have made up my mind "I have no choice but to struggle.". So, miraculously, I changed myself, and then, I believe in fate, but more believe that my life is only continuous struggle, there will be the meaning of existence!


the author of this book has so much to do with the way I stand. Today, I have combined my personal webmaster experience to recall the story of this book:

died when he was three, when his sister was just two months old. One family life can only rely on the mother in the production team to earn work points to maintain, life is difficult as can be imagined (I just began to stand, is penniless, and don’t know what to do after). The author in the first half, the mother died. His life with his sister is unsustainable, let alone go to school. But is in the difficult plight of this, the author simply relying on personal efforts to finish the University, but also for my sister to stay in school in high school. The hardship of this is another man’s imagination, and the author’s misfortune and the difficulties he faces are likely to have collapsed in the ordinary man.

is what kind of force in support of the author? Is learned from his mother’s hard-working, tenacious fighting spirit! Because of this struggle, he was seven years old when he "took the sickle and rope mountain wood, with weak shoulders will Dan choose to go home because of firewood"; this struggle, in high school he often at the weekend Walking Climbing one hundred miles from home and school; because of this struggle, when he read the "in their spare time to nearby farms to transport food, to the station now carry to the construction site when the plasterer, to solve their own and my sister’s living expenses; because of this struggle, in the University, every morning students still sleeping, he quietly climbed up, hide in the corner to read English again and again, even back down", In order to shorten the gap with the students; because of this struggle, "he wiped the tears are like his sister, the mother quietly swallowed bitter tears".

author’s hard life and struggle process, and then look at our children who lived in the era of reform and opening up, how happy ah. We have the love of our parents and the care of our grandparents at home. We have the care of our teachers and the help of our classmates in school. We live and thrive in a loving environment. By contrast, it’s a big difference. Compared with the author, we have everything and nothing. But think carefully, I always feel as if there is something missing. What is missing? What we lack is the author’s hardship

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