How can use Baidu’s products to direct traffic to the site

as the saying goes: the more dangerous place is safe, in fact whether in real life or in the webmaster is a more dangerous place, the greater the profit, of course we do the webmaster can do some illegal things, but now more and more strict legal Chinese, filing system now estimates that many webmaster what to do in a headache. No way, can have documents, can withstand pictures, tossing, go to the record bar.


recent action, first in the Baidu Conference on the launch of open platform, so many developers can do interface to Baidu products, it has so many rely on Baidu optimization ranking webmaster much discussion, the recent launch of Baidu said it began closed beta, and is said to be the threshold is too high to make friends and anyway, everyone on the Baidu products is very concerned, because Baidu and Tencent, the user base is billions to calculate, to any other sites out of the 2 oligarchs, I think fate will not be good to go, will live very tired.

Baidu for their own products ranking has been very good, this is an understanding we are now gradually understand, although Baidu does not recognize their own, but when you see a word search page 20 results, 10 promotion, another Baidu know, a Baidu encyclopedia, a Baidu library. A Baidu video, several other portal sites, you see, only you~

this article says is how to use Baidu’s own products stand to bring traffic, or even if you don’t have your own site, use Baidu to you need to promote products to bring customers.

1: Baidu knows.

you question as to search words, most of the first result is out of the Baidu know the question and answer, such as: search trade website which is better? It is the first Baidu know about Fuzhou Jia Yi network is introduced, and several other. You can use this to do some of their customers will use the long tail search word Q & a

2: Baidu video

a few days ago I went to Fuzhou to see the Movie City Baolong "fury situation", if you have not seen people search the hottest new films, the first is Baidu video. Click in, is a polymerization search results, are the major film station notice, and some are full version, if you do this time, the movie station can do in this word search results page, flow can be imagined.

3: Baidu Encyclopedia

Baidu encyclopedia is a Wikipedia version of Baidu, is the explanation of the term, such as you want to do website construction, Wikipedia results on the first page, his explanation is web design, website design and other specific instructions, when you edit entries with reference to add their own site, so need to find the construction site customers may have to click on your site.

4: Baidu library


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