How do senior developers accomplish themselves in the nternet age

‘s own network related little experiences:


1999 was done a static page, when just beginning to learn HTML, the fresh Oh, do a website, I was mainly interested in a content on the psychological aspect, remember called "growing up, the pain of beauty" when the traffic is always very high, I don’t want to do to get money from advertising, and search are ranked first, because the content is original in its own input, now in retrospect, it is too simple.

When a

2001 to write a PHP message in this, what is called "the greatest challenge of the message of the" now go to Google search is expected to search out of a pile, reproduced more, although no time to improve. In 2000, I saw ASP more fun, bought a book, spent a few days to write a simple BBS system, at that time in the Sinian, the company also has a lot of people use this to play, once back to the capital in the past many years.

at that time has been such an idea, website technology content is relatively bottom, the future work certainly does not do this, the feeling is not very good prospects, so it did not go to this development.

sometimes think about how he was so no business minded, look at other people’s discuz is only 02 years ago, I have done before, that is, too little idea. If these things were perfect and released, it would be nice to use too many people,


later saw the "tomato garden", people make money, and emotion, because when I was 03 years have done such a thing, but I just give myself a customized windows system, their Kepan, many smart people ah.

sat down to sum up, do the Internet era, network technology content is not high (in system programming), senior developers do not fit for its content site, because the threshold is too low, how many people are in competition with you, there is no advantage of


look at the success, is that others provide a platform environment to win, (such as discuz BBS, for example, so many CMS) why? Because the era of network technology content is not high, but for those who have no knowledge of the computer, the threshold is high, so if you provide a platform environment on the achievements of a there is no computer knowledge, such as too many people, they can swarm into the network tide, so many people, so the market is especially large.

as well as China’s national conditions, these people are mostly lack of money, because the net investment at the end of the gold rush. In addition, China’s network = free concept is popular among the people, so it is doomed to fail to make money on these people. So doomed these platforms need to be free, so that there will be a vast market, another factor Chinese support free market, because of too much Chinese, advertising revenue is relatively more, but Chinese is also very easy to be ad >

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