Talking about my little skill in doing a station

wrote down this article in a hurry, hoping to have some help and inspiration for some people or new webmaster. There are still many places that are not clear enough and not perfect enough. Readers are willing to correct and point out. We progress together! This thanked


owners are like your website in the overnight rate can reach tens of thousands, the first thing in the morning do, is to open the website traffic statistics system, to see whether the traffic up, search engine revenue is increased. Joy, joy is own station a bit better, income ranked up. Sad, sad, is to make efforts, did not receive due reward. (to Baidu search or original collection of those data, not into)?. Persistent webmaster in order to achieve this goal, still pay a lot of energy, effort and time on their web site. Come on.

according to his experience of standing a year, to talk about some of their own practices, hoping to give you some inspiration and help webmaster. In fact, do stand in addition to some of the necessary web site promotion, but also to explore SEO optimization, attention to search engines… And mainly as a personal website, or to take the time to do their own web content, through a number of channels for collection, and to complete the whole, will receive the attention of search engines. How to make your site’s content? In fact, the personal data, do not pass the audit, and then review their every day dozens, hundreds of course content, remember to take the title to revise its own title, the content of the framework is to change, do not let the search engine to the feeling the same content, or in their own plus some of their own ideas in the content, it will allow the search engine to feel every time your website has its own content, rather than duplicate spam sites. So accumulate over time, slowly, your site traffic will naturally come up.

do the following, Everything will be fine., be promoted step by step:

1. search engine optimization SEO

understand the search engine such as Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO and so on is how to grab the Internet page, how to index and how to determine the search engine for some specific keywords ranking search results, and the optimization of the relevant web pages, improve search engine rankings in. Eventually increase the traffic on your personal website

2. selects the proper keyword for the main principles of

A. keywords don’t be too broad;

B. keyword is not suitable for too long or too special;

C. stands at the user’s point of view;

D. selects the most searched and least competitive keywords:

F. is related to your website;

3. interactive linking skills

A. search has been included in the major search engines and its search engine update frequency link.

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