The four trick is to give your website a new lease of life


we all want to have great sites that want other people to see our website. If they like, they’ll click, browse, or share with their friends again. That’s the beauty of a good website,

it’s necessary to design a "bright spot" website, which is not equivalent to bright, aimless, visual rendering and special effects coding just for dazzle. The user is always difficult to serve, now God is angry, they will even take various terminals to test your site, so the response type design is also talked about in the industry in recent years, everyone in the fall over each other using the new technology.

not only will we use HTML5, CSS3 and other complex languages, but we should also use basic techniques to build our own websites. I dare say that many web designers or developers find it difficult to solve the problem that CSS3 language can not be displayed in IE browsers as well as in other browsers.

that’s a serious question. If the page can not be displayed, then what is the meaning? Who always want to take the time to resolve bugs? If your customers don’t have a big budget, but you still want to make good "to the

, how to do?

you have to learn how to build a simple website and ensure the amount of browsing. There are many ways to implement this. The following points can help build a foundation and beautiful website.

1. using animation


: every time when you want to add animation on the site, you usually use flash.

yet, Flash has experienced a great decline in the past few years. So many devices or browsers can’t support the Flash plug-in now.

now we have a better alternative. They are also independent and visible on mobile devices. This is mainly due to JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, and other languages, databases. They make websites interesting and boring. For example, the case


many developers use these technologies to make websites popular. Whether they want to let the picture fade or component over the page, these languages are not.

portable: JQuery accounts for only 31 or 32KB. Simple and fast loading. By contrast, Flash animation takes up more space. Other alternatives, such as Microsoft Silverlight, will also cost more.

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