Six years old station building wind and rain Road

has been doing websites for nearly 6 years, and there are also small ups and downs. Ha ha, when you start, it’s a kind of technique to display yourself. Later on, I developed the desire to make money through the internet. And then began to think how to do the site can access the amount of access, this time to learn the new technology, data acquisition technology. With the support of this technology, my website has visited 20 thousand IP per day, but it was soon dropped by Baidu K. The website address is

, continue to do data type website, is the query class website, is also the form of technology driven website, Ali inquires the website, website visit also on 1.5Wip, income is good, then be Baidu K dropped!


are now the situation more lost! But lost at the same time also cannot complain is the search engine, you actually have reason, in fact, reflect on the original content of these two sites is indeed rare, data from the collection, so is K, also want to be a trend!

since I started doing websites, now my track is like this.

1. starts with hand-made web sites, static pages, a page, and a web page. On behalf of the site, is now closed;

2. learned how ASP started making dynamic websites, with a background database, and the process of making websites faster,,

3., the more advanced collection technology application, high web site in the representative work is: also;


4. dynamic data collection site web site on behalf of the web site is:;

5. is gradually developing into a formal, operational website:

I site is developing in the direction of the static pages, the content of the website to have persistence, is to add a can be used for many years of data! Ha ha! I add data is lazy, so I tend to form once and for all.

also has a development direction is the pure technology realization website, for example: Ali inquires the form the website, the technology actuation website also has the very strong vitality,


, this is my six years of doing web site trajectory, and I later site development direction.

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