Webmaster log how to exchange links to PR high

recently because of the site’s reason is really put a lot of effort, even to affect the normal design plan, two days before the set of English translation purpose today is just beginning, okay, this is the two day of the weekend, immediately catch the Tomb-sweeping Day, during this period can still be good use, can ease the tension of the day.


at noon and axue wedding have been met, pat, oh, really fast, the impression of the axue appearance is a strong girl, can get married is unexpectedly decided so early. Anyway, look out, she is very happy now, may be said to be very happy, her this appeal is the same as before has not changed, I soon began to feel the brilliant ~ may really be my lucky star, this time behind my RP also increased a lot… > is the first post in Baidu, his modesty is a novice webmaster, pretend poor, ask some silly questions, leave your site address, but it is not a panacea, Baidu has been very clever, you are playing on their address, doesn’t have a chance to pass it. We have to point out and can not be K can be understand the way you look at the target person, I think everyone will ~ this time really wits

is a bit far, the topic posted back, Baidu, people began to thread, quickly spotted a prey (the specific address will not write), ha ha, a check (sneer ~) is pr=4, 4 Oh, probably for many old webmaster, webmaster, I think that 4 of the time the table stands, was certainly full of disdain! No way, this is a small station, no background, no money, no Baidu, Google do not stray children, we can not miss such a good game, had come, everything is very smooth, with Adsense talked for a while, we actually personal the website is not easy, even though the pR is not his, but these days the day and night modification site is not without effect, now looking at the people comfortable, and we can not treat partners and friends, to provide a more favorable Exchange position, everything is settled, okay, deal,

in the evening, or posted, but this time in QQ ask, someone left a URL, thought only advertising, later thought, everybody is not easy, can keep the address posted ads everywhere is not easy, their nature is not very similar with you?! love each other’s feelings, click to enter, I like with the original station is a station shopping guide, according to the choice of what Links principle, concluded that this is not much choice, check the value of PR, pr=2, (here will not disdain, I couldn’t go to the pr=0 website, but to the people move the truth we all know), or the set of procedures, find the webmaster contact (1000 words omitted) an arduous task, found himself for this website has exceeded their many times, settled, transaction, okay, and a


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