Structured blog community a new approach to mobile nternet

‘mobile vertical community’ is one of the hot words in 2013, beauty, mother and baby, pets, light luxury and so on, are talking about moving vertical community. And mobile vertical communities, whether for BAT, or for the entrepreneurial team, are entirely new, each team is an explorer.

we are also exploring, before suddenly enlightened, also experienced confusion and confusion. Our previous product is a mobile terminal BBS model, this model for a fledgling entrepreneurial team, very good, between users is "flat", no gradient, make the communication between each other "non exclusive" activity is also very good.

however, the issue of this type of community was revealed on the day that the activity exceeded 100 thousand magnitude:

1) readable content becomes worse. The content of reading is not coherent, with too much noise floor, only the creator of UGC and interaction can benefit from it; and 80% of users are reading, this group of people is a very high gain "high value" information cost.

2) BBS type structure, community culture advocate "participation", and as the number of users more and more, the majority of population has been impossible to participants, but the reader, the reader is in need of more "high quality", meet the reader’s demands has become a pressing matter of the moment we.

3) as we all know, the biggest difference between cell phone UGC and PC is the fragmentation of information".

based on these three points, after a lot of effort, we finally explored the new paradigm in the mobile vertical community: structured blog community. On the one hand to meet the KOL (opinion leaders) the fragmentation of content creation, on the other hand, to meet the content for a point to point users to participate in interactive precise interaction, the most important is that it improves the efficiency of reading content acquisition.

launches below to introduce the features of the structured blog community. The following content is not necessarily absolutely correct, nor is it universal, but it is an entrepreneurial team, after six months of in-depth research, obtained a relatively high efficiency of the innovative product experience. Comments and exchanges are welcome.

Part 1 – define

, "structured blog community" has three characteristics: [fragmented UGC] + [precise interaction] [structured data]

two, from the product form, it is between the blog, BBS, micro-blog between three kinds:

1) blog: the content of each topic is divided into two parts: the above is a long blog, the following is the comment of visitors; the two are separated from each other, similar to the traditional blog structure;

2) Forum: the landlord of this long blog, is composed of N landlord fragments of content, users can pin

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