From the economic crisis spread analysis of various types of late operating profit model

2008 we have many bad things, early put forward "boss Ma on the winter" at that time, I believe many people will think this is a joke, but because the old Ma Long and small and medium-sized enterprises dealing with already know in advance the late outbreak of the global financial crisis, and now no one will think his words is a joke. In the winter of 2008 is destined to be sad, we have to know from the Internet on the current economic crisis has spread to all aspects, even in our webmaster related to the Internet as the new century, the forefront of the most avant-garde field could also be greatly affected, many large and medium-sized sites have gradually appeared in operation crisis temporarily stopped the original hurried pace, especially for foreign trade business such as video, early hot site wind hit the most, because of cash flow problems a lot of video sites have greatly cuts to winter, there are other more foreign trade business site will face the risk of failure, can be said that in the winter of 2008 is undoubtedly one of the coldest years times. So, for us these small and medium-sized websites how to continue operating in such a bad environment, the profits of the excavation has become a top priority for everyone to solve.

we first analyzes present late for domestic each site type trend, enumerate long mature site types at present is not difficult to find a more clear profit model are nothing more than under the main video site, portal site, real estate sites, online shopping sites, consumer sites, online gaming sites the community site, recruitment site, download site, site ten types of pictures. Here we have a simple analysis of such ten types of sites:

1. video entertainment: from the economic crisis is undoubtedly the video site affects the maximum, and with the copyright administration intervention including movies, music and video downloads, and other aspects of the site will continue to face more difficulties. Personally think that this site can be considered to cut spending, reduce the server cost, because this site requirements for bandwidth and server costs are too great, only solved the biggest spending to save more stable profits for the winter, it should also be encouraged to launch boutique original column, after all, only the original what is attractive, there is no copyright disputes products.

2. portal site: as many channels, the team because of its high cost, is the main information mainly though in this crisis and wave but not due to the overall downturn in the Internet environment will have no small impact, if during the operation is bad, we should consider the cut or reduced access times lower the channel channel reduce personnel costs, focus on investment in the relevant channel, currently operating smoothly encounter, put a few fist channel to do fine all for the best, the other vertical sites can also be appropriate to reduce the activities under the line number while the web is popular but rely on the activities of each activity or to spend a lot of money than to offline activities on the web.

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