36930 digital network for everyone to talk about success

you are a spider on the way to the web? If it is, then there is no sense to the network coming on the construction site outside the box, jade resources? "." The individual’s energy is limited after all, and the correct method is the absolute principle.

success is a way, failure is also a way. Success is very simple, as long as simple things repeat, cultivation method, That’s all. Here are thirteen invaluable ways to share 36930 digital networks.

method 1: a successful person knows exactly what he does for everything. Success pays more attention to the purpose of things, but the clarity of purpose helps him to achieve results and enjoy the process. For example, every morning to get up, the first thing is site:, take a look at the Baidu GG included in the situation, a look is increased, it will be quite happy, ·

two: a decision quickly and decisively successful, after the decision to change, think twice. 36930 digital network at the initial stage of the appearance is not good, so the webmaster cruel changed to the present appearance. Ordinary people often irresolute and hesitant the next decision, but decided to change easily; success is able to decide quickly, because he is fully aware of its level of value and beliefs, to understand what the order of priority, therefore can have a system of processing.

method three: successful people have great listening ability. Listening is not to listen to what the other person is saying, but to listen to what the other person is saying. 36930 digital network station summary technique includes: A, listen not to interrupt each other’s conversation; two, after listening to each other’s words; three, without recording, you can hear each other’s meaning; four, record all problems in the brain, the other side finished together to ask questions.

method four: the winner sets the " the day plan ". The winner lists all the things to be done the night before or early in the morning and allocates time according to the importance. He manages things, not management hours. Such as site in the morning, at night to see statistics, and then go to the forum publicity.

method five: keep a diary. A diary of the law: first, flexibility, re expression of ideas, and not too many strict rules; two, three; and to design your life value and central idea; four, different records of everything; five, to record time and events; six, to solve the problem; seven, learning to ask a better question; their declaration of eight, in the diary to write; nine, the daily write review in the end of the month; ten, their profound memories and experiences.

method six: do what you like.

method seven: diligent in basic exercises.

method eight: use the power of self suggestion. Self suggestion is to target the target with a strong tone of voice, and tell yourself that the subconscious can’t tell the truth from it, so believe it.


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