China’s real estate network still has a long way to go

society is progressing, science is developing, and the network has developed very fast. It can be said that the Internet market is also a trend, so that more websites are marching into different fields.

said funny, take real estate in this field, there is a website claiming to be China’s real estate sector network ranked third, of course, the front 2 is the focus and search room. I think it’s funny, China real estate network ( When to come out? Although silently for a few years, but you can be so arrogant? The Sina Locke, real estate Tencent, NetEase of their property than the so-called third famous


at least for me, I know them, though, this domain is better, is just real Pinyin, but you want to compete with so many famous websites, so where do you see the highlights? Site, feel okay. Like any other real estate portal. Inside the real estate is still much more, 6W more than the property, my God, in fact, do not make redundant evaluation, in any case you can collect.

too much and no comment, just heard that he wants to call himself old 3, I’m still a little unconvinced, can only say that the site’s domain name is good, the site name is very atmospheric: China real estate network.

suddenly remembered a word, we must learn to appreciate and be grateful to him, so I wish this website will be like what they said, the country ranked third, even better! I can only say refueling, you still have a long way to go


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