Operation analysis WeChat store is naughty or work

these days, we must be most concerned about than WeChat store bar. Every move has been heard of WeChat, adding each new function are likely to cause a great impact on the third party, now it seems this sentence is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. When WeChat opened the shop, some have access to WeChat’s public accounts began to pay according to the actual situation of their own crazy shop ", have to seize the head of the transaction, according to sources, only 29 day produces millions of WeChat store, you can not let Fang Ping third Taiwan fear


but after the limelight, I always like to think about something practical. In fact, WeChat shop on-line, we are most concerned about is not the other, but WeChat’s new features can produce enough threat to Taobao. We all know that Taobao now seems to have become the domestic business tycoon, under the double eleven shopping carnival, twelve repeatedly refresh the record of the transaction, the Tencent has been high hopes for WeChat, the realization of Tencent for many years has not been able to finish the electricity supplier dream is focal point of concern.

, WeChat, VS, Taobao, it’s too early,

what WeChat is relying on is, yes, what WeChat is proud of is its social networking skills. It can be said that 600 million of the amount of users is not the most terrible, the most terrible is that WeChat is based on acquaintances circle, communication and communication efficiency of each other is extremely high. This allows a lot of information to be transmitted quickly, without having to load information from third parties, which can be transmitted directly to the target user. And WeChat is highly inclusive, unlike Taobao also needs to be part of the search for demand from other products, WeChat’s built-in browser, service number and even subscription number are likely to complete the search of information needs, so as to complete the transaction within the shortest time, if WeChat can be their own financial and payment products do more detailed and perfect, so WeChat is really terrible. But it is only a little bit too casual to deny Taobao’s value directly on this point.

from the consumer point of view, Taobao is behind the people’s search based shopping model. This pattern, in the short term is difficult to change, and the network shopping habits and stickiness also can not change overnight. It can be said that the power of habit is really a great resistance. From 2003 to now, 11 years of development so that people are familiar with the operation mode of Taobao, and in some older users, Taobao is synonymous with online shopping, they trust for Taobao is not simply to use words to express, if only by a WeChat can be used for 11 years in China consumer groups directly removed, we can not help a bit too confident.

of course, consumer habits WeChat challenge Taobao is a major resistance, and from the business point of view, Taobao is still its network platform for the expansion of the city, this is also difficult to change the reality of WeChat in the short term. Refused to complete statistics, Tmall has settled in the official enterprises have reached 3000, the thickness of the resources is not WeChat, millions of levels comparable to the number. And don’t forget that WeChat is one

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