You should adhere to the one center and two basic points

one, one center:

I think the website should adhere to improve the website traffic as the center, I think most of the webmaster will agree with this view. Digital to analogy: the traffic to the remaining 1. websites such as digital appearance, website income, website ranking number 0. and so on are compared to a simple truth, the number 1 0 more, the greater the value, but if not 0 more in front of 1. behind is 0.

why? Even if your site has very beautiful appearance, the website also hung advertising, also has a good content, but if no one came to visit your site, there is not much value, will not bring you return. Some people may think that as long as I do a good job of web content, traffic will grow. That’s wrong again. Now is no longer "wine is not afraid of the alley deep" era. Although the content of the website is also crucial. But publicity is even more important. It should be perfected at the beginning of the website. When the content is almost perfect, it is time to start working on it.

there is no shortcut to website publicity, only through forums, blogs, chat rooms, writing soft text and even QQ personalized information. Of course, this is really very tired propaganda, and may not necessarily good results, if you have sufficient funds, you can also use temptation, reward and other means to let others help you publicity.

two and two basic points:

the two basic points here are the persistence of originality and the persistence of renewal. We may say that the importance of the original and updated who don’t know? Indeed, we all know this, but if you notice, the original and updated me before "to" two words, people who can make it really too small. A lot of people are see others do website, make money, oneself also heart itch, so also do a, but really in the process of building web site found: the original site this bowl of rice is not so delicious. Thus, most people who have just begun to fire like fire have chosen to give up.

in fact, do not need to know too much knowledge and skills, but focus on adhering to. Only by sticking to it can we succeed, but when we give up, we will fail. Websites need skills, most people do. But why do some websites make money and others don’t? There are many reasons, of course, but I think the main reason is that you are sticking to it. When you are building a website, you will inevitably encounter some difficulties and setbacks, and you will need to invest a lot of time and effort. Many people may think that their efforts have not paid off. At this point, success depends on whether you can hold on.

"do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow", some famous website today no one is not to result in the construction site, as long as we adhere to the "one center, two basic points" and to perform effectively, to win without pride, defeat is not hungry, then you will succeed to write! This article is not for anything else, this is hope to know more "in A5

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