Seize the opportunity to grab traffic leveraging local forums to do Taobao customersAnother way to


saw many webmaster sad, motionless emaciation with sallow complexion, what is said to be a website or to a girlfriend, I want to say, it must, because we love it love it, but also our dream, but money is not necessarily not healthy not girlfriend, as long as a change in perspective to the problem, living in a different way, perhaps you will find that the money is also very relaxed and happy



nonsense not say, today to share a local forum to do Taobao how to take off! First of all, this method can be used to site will post can be very simple! Then, we need to know what is the sh419 index, you can learn! This method, you can start to operate immediately, and will have a good income! I give you a process: we open the "sh419 search index", "taobao Womens winter" "new" women’s taobao taobao Womens winter "jacket", we can see that these keywords search volume per day has reached more than 2000. And there is a growing trend! So, we only take the post to the sh419 home page, every day brings thousands of traffic is very easy.


OK! Just some brief explanation, and a few pictures, of course, that I say these things, really, you can immediately go to search for it now, you know what is really true! I use this method every day will probably get 3-5 million of the flow, because it is set to flow. All the conversion rate is good, the daily income of thousands of dollars, is not very stable! I made this post, there will be a lot of people to compete for these keywords, I want to tell you is that we must learn to use the method of learning, to extend, not only these words can do and there is a lot you can do! Specifically looking for this seasonal keywords, because of this word many people are not going to do, because of the fast search volume will be reduced, or even no! But we can use this post. Type can intercept traffic quickly, the method is very simple, as long as you do, there will certainly be harvested,

get to the point, since I also like many webmaster like day traffic, all day thinking about how to make a creative station and so on, but the site has been done a lot, not earn money, as the king said, no matter how the website, to consider the money, because we have to eat. Then let’s first make money, my method is very simple, that is, joined a video chat promotion League, specific web site I do not say, we search sh419, 51vsh will have. In this promotion alliance, you can guide your users to register consumption, you can also pull down the way to earn money, you can deduct 5% of the revenue. I put some ads on my website first, and I added some links to the places where I could add links. But I’m lazy, and the effect is average. I can earn two hundred or three hundred yuan per month. Once when E was playing, suddenly think of why I do not see E words for my baby to pull it off, if they are in the room when the host send URL, while or E call on the link with their own, every day there will be a lot of members, and what I don’t do can enjoy 5% forever royalty. So I take the initiative to contact the room chair, most of them are in fact in order to play in the E, then there is no money, if you want to find her video she won’t talk to you, but you can make it easy for her to make money, no one will deny you, how to contact them more see individual ability, anyway. I am in E global nearly a month to more than 40 referrals, they brought me the income of about forty or fifty yuan a day, plus my own website income, one month down nearly two thousand yuan of income, solve the problem of food and clothing. And now I have a lot of beautiful friends in my life. When I went to Shenyang last week, I saw a beautiful woman by the way. I did not know what to do. Well, it’s annoying to say too much, so much for today. There’s a saying, "believe it or not, welcome to your opinions!



, I’ll take a few pictures to prove it,

I put my last point of experience for everyone, I believe the support to encourage you, do not believe you please detour, I think there must be some people after reading immediately said: AD, soft, soft and so on, this day will only envy everywhere will only scold people, never can only watch others jealous. To earn their own money, let others envy go


! !

believe this post can present income short change some people! Remember: the world its own justice, to pay the total return, that do not want to do my best! Welcome everyone to exchange experience and :283666983


then, you can go to sh419 search above a few keywords, ranking in sh419 home front position is some BBS post. Now I’ll take two more pictures to prove it:


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