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after a series of valve open and close the valve, the flow valve and open the thunder alliance, according to the alliance operations department staff revealed that the open flow will be very rough, there are tens of millions of traffic to download station cooperation, then will open more flow; I don’t know what the tens of millions of traffic means to the webmaster, but I know that means the dog is almost all flow out; to be honest, I did not understand why thunder to spend so much of the original capital, tens of millions of traffic, it can be transformed into a more substantial income, to the Commission to flow that is equal to the double Commission; after the communication with them, I understand, flow to the owners, owners of the site has been developed, this alliance can develop; how, there are several alliances can do first. Consider webmaster, consider yourself,


some time ago, the Alliance foreign claims to have huge traffic opening, but in addition to these messages, the co owners did not enjoy the return flow, this caused a lot of stationmaster surprise and don’t understand, even some small owners angrily scolded openly; then the wind died down, as if the earth station will no longer discuss things thunder alliance with flow, the webmaster may no longer expect a flood of traffic free, after all the things into the bread out of heaven is very small, may also be because the winter has come, put a low profile, it survived.

online transactions should not only update the products in time, but also be patient to answer questions from guests.

is a manual work, too

things are not as simple as they think. Because of inexperience, the first online shop should end up losing money. At that time, she was "really frustrated," and wondered if she was really naive……" She was so desperate that she couldn’t lift her head in front of everyone. But, well, Dad’s so supportive that I don’t feel like giving up. Give up, is really too naive, too squeamish! "

continue to go!


       ;     small should want to open shop, from she often contacts online shop. Her beauty, love to follow the trend, in someone else’s demonstration, she fell in love with online shopping, go online to buy clothes, buy her love dress! Gradually, "why should the small feel myself not to open a shop to exercise their own, learn to survive?." So she jumped into the net".

after graduation, in the face of employment problems, the 21 year old should be determined to open online shop. But both my family and my friends think it’s a dream, or do other work well, both visible and touching. But she thinks young people should use the latest Internet to break through. Small should say, this is not capricious, should be "there are dreams, who are great, have courage will have – Miracle"!

girl opened a shop after graduation to record a busy day

just got a few friends in the thunder alliance webmaster news in recent days has felt the thunder "threat", there are hundreds of thousands of traffic brought up every day, tens of thousands of smaller stations, they did not expect this will be so "fierce", a few stations still not done because of a moment to cause a temporary hang up, some evil sounds incredible, I repeatedly told them to "hold, hold"

love beauty is a girl’s nature, before washing, always want to dress up carefully.

thunderbolt alliance since 2007, search to download the co owners with the flow has been through its dog, because the adjustment mechanism leads to short time flow off valve, the purpose is to open the flow to a greater extent, it won the strong support of many owners, because of this process, the thunder advocate cooperation alliance, sharing, win-win cooperation concept, not only provide Cooperation Commission, and more is the power for the development of the site, to achieve the true sense of human cooperation.

so, her second online shop business began again. Small should sum up the lessons of the past, think "procurement is very important, not only by their own preferences purchase, but to use their own eyes to find beauty, we found that meet the taste of beauty, with fashion goods to attract more customers! So, her petite, often around the clothing the market, for she felt the taste of goods with online shopping.

an online alliance of my friends, a year already has hundreds of thousands of yuan of profit! "The small shop, should be in high spirits," although I started, but will realize your dream, do a beautiful female boss! "

small should carry several big bags in the crowd shuttle, continue to find their own clothes.

thunderbolt alliance send traffic to the webmaster, is undoubtedly the winter charcoal, a warm heart, and we can do, that good news travels fast, I hope you have a happy year, next year,

"and the sample pictures in the online shop, not only to be real, but also to be beautiful," she concluded recently. She felt that the investment could not be less. Now, her clothes have been taken to a friend’s studio, but the model is too expensive, so they have to make up their own, as a part-time model.



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