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secondly, correct attitude and take seriously. With a different attitude towards the same thing will have different results, so we also treat Wangzhuan to correct attitude, seriously, treat any main requirements to carefully try to figure out, do not know where necessary to consult the head. A few times I failed to see the demands of others and translate directly, but it took me time to pass. That’s the lesson.

zero research consulting group, believes that in 2013 China will usher in the economic tipping point of the service revolution. In the future, the traditional service industry will change to the new modern service industry, and the service industry will be the hotbed for many entrepreneurs and create many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Not only that, the traditional manufacturing brand in service content and service model has also undergone major changes.

. To some extent, sell good food to a waste of.

Yuan Yue, chairman of

modern service industry is characterized by a production chain or a small link alone refining, and make him bigger, and even become an industry. For example, e-commerce is now on the rise, and a new service called "net racket" appears". Yuan Yue said, because the sale of goods on the network must be placed at the same time photos, and this photo to shoot themselves, easy to shoot beautiful enough, looking for professional photographers to shoot, and easy to shoot too beautiful. "If the effect of the photos and the actual contrast is huge, it is easy to cause complaints and dissatisfaction, so this racquet project has attracted much attention." With the advent of the service revolution, there will be many new industries in the future, so the potential of the service sector is enormous. "In the next five years, the service sector will become a major industry for entrepreneurship."."

third, decisive decision, positive action. Wangzhuan above many similar tasks, the price.

– I think agriculture still has large potential without mining.

Wu Kezhong advantage capital president

Yuan Yue, chairman of

once I found a boy in my class was busy writing a speech, I feel curious asked "how did you write a speech: why don’t we, the school should hold the speech contest?" he mysteriously smiled and said: "not ah, I was doing part-time on the Internet okay, so their literary talent, to do clerical work in the above, to earn money." I feel more and more curious, is this is the legendary Wangzhuan, but I have to keep Wangzhuan skepticism.

, Wu Kezhong said, there are several standards for catering enterprises listed, first of all, the chain of dishes is very small, not more than 18 dishes, "to some extent, sell good food to be garbage."." What is done is very beautiful

services are in the details,

– the next five years, the service industry will become the main industry of entrepreneurship.

wonderful quotes >

first of all, be patient and qualitative. No matter what we do, we must be patient, or else the destination of the one hundred step, even if you are half a step, can not reach the destination, can only fail in the end. Wangzhuan looks very easy, but must adhere to in the end is really difficult, but tend to be the last person to earn money, to enjoy the fun of me. To have several classmates and I do English translation, but they all feel boring and give up, but I stick to now, earn a bowl full of pots, so that they shall not envy oh.

– such as a newly established company, have no income, we can see he has many customers; and in the development of enterprises will see its profits accounted for the proportion of sales; and the development of long enterprises, would look at him in the position in the industry.

The opportunities for

Yuan Yue Chairman of zero Consulting Group

zero research consulting group, believes that in 2013 China will usher in the critical point of the service revolution, while Ni Zhengdong tells you what a good enterprise is,

remembers an entrepreneur who once said, "it’s a shame and a failure to make money when you’re over twenty."." This sentence is very reasonable, all twenty years old, and if you can not earn some money, it shows that they have no ability, no hard work spirit. Again, it’s not easy to make money, especially those of us in college.

no chef’s restaurant is likely to come on the market,


"Chongqing hotpot is very famous, but there are only a few chain stores that can be made abroad. The most important reason is that these enterprises pay too much attention to the taste of the food, not the service.". If a restaurant chain can do without chef, then he may become bigger, stronger, and even listed." Advantage capital President Wu Kezhong thinks.

I don’t believe that

looking back on his career and I said Witkey, a few suggestions point Wangzhuan:

students to see, put in the online part-time job all told me, and help me to join the China largest Witkey most regular part-time, his style is really good, on the Internet has won 116 times, earned 3000 yuan of money, call me envious. In his example I work up, be free to do the task Witkey website to help others, because he is English translation, English professional master oh, narcissistic look out of the article, so the translation accurately and smoothly, the main Ren received a lot of recognition, I bid the number from scratch, from there to 100 and now my income has surpassed my friend oh. Here, my English level has not only been improved, but also earned my own living expenses. I have a great sense of achievement and feel that I am no longer the disgrace of the entrepreneur at the beginning.

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