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successfully listed, the biggest problem is the continuous specification, acceptance of social and regulatory agencies supervision and inspection. With the development of the third market increasingly standardized, mature and function, fine management, optimization of the OTC market rules, to standardize regulatory requirements for listed companies more and more sophisticated, enterprises in the processing of general information disclosure from the past stock transfer instructions to the more wide aspect of information oriented society. Then, the finance director, the Secretary of the board, the board of supervisors and the management are entirely new requirements. The first is to meet the requirements of the financial basic work of accounting standards, auditing standards, operation to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, especially the regular continuous supervision in corporate governance, internal control, business norms above.

The restructuring of listed

is a entrepreneur business thinking and habits of the upgrade test



become a quasi public company, other shareholders came in, especially small shareholders, may be some middle backbone are follow up over, emotionally still in the "zone" concept.

two is continuous operation test of

3, do Witkey money. Witkey is already open part-time work, CCTV and other major media have been Witkey industry reported. But the part-time job of Witkey is not what everyone can do. It has higher technical requirements, usually for skilled people. Of course, there is no technology to find some coolies Witkey projects, such as: post clerk.


online part-time or call Wangzhuan, actually online part-time since the day since the birth of network already began wondering through the network to make money, like Chinese network myth figures: Ma Yun, Robin Li, Ma Huateng and so on, the network gave birth to countless successful, as of 2010, the online part is still a hot topic, we discuss why? In the increasingly fierce competition in modern society, college students and other high-quality talents surging today, we are looking for dinner this job, find a job of a variety of methods, we can think of all, coincides with the development of this network is still relatively prosperous today, more and more people are trying to find a part-time job even a full-time job through the network. So every day there are sh419 search on "online part-time work", "online part-time money" and other issues, I hope many people are looking for a suitable for themselves and can make a lot of money online part-time.

1, online shop. Should be the first to do the first online part-time, but also the current most popular online part-time. But many friends doubt that I have no capital? I don’t know what products to sell? It is the problem you can find a proxy agent to the products of others, can help the goods that you just can do propaganda baby sales. originally wrote an article called "novice network to make money, how to solve the basic life guarantee", that is, tell newcomers to learn online shop first, admin5/plus/view.php aid=174191 recommended reading

Abstract: for just listed three new board companies, long march before the end of the first step! In fact, enter the capital market is a hard work, but also a brutal competition, is the enterprise and entrepreneur

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second is deal with related transactions, competition, independence, revenue growth and other issues; again in three will be a layer of operational level really reflect the corporate governance, internal control, risk aversion and protect the rights and interests of investors; especially how to more clearly understand the investment operations of the company, and reduce the because the information bias of investment risk, at the same time, business model, strategic planning, performance of the company continued to release to provide investors confidence, to effectively improve the enterprise investment value. >

4, buy lottery money. At present, the most common is the online "always color", many people are "always color" project very disgusted, think <

is the most difficult to survive in the cracks and development over the past few years, some business logic has been ingrained in the brain, the logic of thinking long-term operating habits still remain in the small business, especially the early start to develop the habit of love, playing the edge ball, tips and rules of consciousness, standardized management is no; save the province, can not invoice is not a bill, in other words from business to financial and tax, are not standardized, anyway, the enterprise is their own final say, want to use the money is very simple, he took away, spend.

therefore, after the listing of the management concept, values of the transformation and upgrading, will be the test of entrepreneurs and even executives team of the most important threshold. Changing habits is a slow process, is the process of thought, mode of thinking, emotional realm of sublimation, this process needs to create a new situation, atmosphere and mechanism, including learning, internal control and supervision, from the past "no" to the future of the system and rigorous, to accept social supervision the public and regulatory agencies, which need more courage wisdom

network of part-time so popular, so many people have to make money online part-time job? The reason is that online part-time part-time online do not go out, seemingly simple, online part-time regardless of age gender and so on requirements. So, what kind of online part-time job is there now? Here, fly, focus on the part-time jobs on the Internet in 2010.

2, Taobao earn money. Taobao earned money is Taobao and Ali mom launched, for all want to make money through the Taobao alliance brand part-time work, but also now more optimistic about the online part-time work. As long as we help Taobao sellers to promote products, earn commission, bonus is objective, support up to 50% commission. At present, most cattle Taobao customers earn fifty thousand or sixty thousand a week, of course, the new guest is not up to that level, can earn thousands of dollars a month is very good.

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