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The optimization of electric district


I believe everyone is familiar with this, but this does not mean that you can do it, like a football coach and will Chizha on the pitch, the theory of knowledge is needed to verify the actual operation. To optimize the business or any other keywords, such as domain name selection, original update, link exchange >

can clearly see the excellent love Shanghai index superior from 2 picture above, love Shanghai index higher number of concerns that certainly more. But it is clear that this year there are a lot of master did not attend, such as Xiao Su embarrassed, cold, and so few master in Liucheng last year to participate in the excellent Bo, although they are concerned about business competition, but did not really participate in, so we can easily reduce the competitors. Because this is a game, so other factors difficult to optimize the word is not much, mainly is to participate in the number of competitors is.

although I don’t care if I can win, but this does not mean that I will not take seriously the optimization, on the contrary, I attach great importance to the optimization of the final result will be very serious to optimize the business circle the word. Because I want to pass this game out what can do what extent, now calculate time seems to only about 45 days time, and my blog is also in the May 11th revision, until in the acquisition of articles, but also because the site IP problem is K just recover soon, my situation in this article included "why the website and chain has been reduced?" are introduced. Below I will discuss from the aspects of the business circle of Shanghai dragon race.

vs How difficult to optimize the word ?

was in accordance with the last statement is a day to find a problem appeared many times in the Shanghai dragon forum, then according to the experience and ideas of our own and we do a share. But today I suddenly turned to the topic of why the business circle up, because I think that while this is an obvious commercial property in Shanghai dragon game, this is also a good chance we have these small owners a training and learning. After all, winning only 5 people, so the other webmaster is to study and find a position themselves, like I did not report what hope, so I just take him as an ordinary key to do the same, so also do not have to report what name, have to ranking changes the ups and downs.


difficulty is certainly need to compare can be reflected, compared with last year, this year the business circle was excellent, easier. This is how to analyze the degree of difficulty can refer to the "keyword optimization of an article?" four points to analyze. The first observation of love Shanghai index of these two words during the game, the left is the love of the Shanghai business circle index this year, the Shanghai index is love the excellent last year.


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