Keywords site diagnosis and optimization of mining method

1. author Zhou Xusheng will pass the habit of thinking to explore some key words, to dig through the imagination; according to his website, do postgraduate training, graduate students pay attention to what? Is the emphasis on the effect, keywords then I first thought is a long tail keywords, postgraduate training is where good? And cloud computing the training according to his site, it is still a long tail keywords, cloud computing professional learn where to go? Simply introduces several points, for everyone to learn the ideas, data for reference only, I hope you don’t blame;

2. through the webmaster tools to dig some key words above the author; Zhou Xusheng mentioned his website is mainly to do postgraduate training, professional cloud computing, then we will check with the webmaster tools such as:

mining; !

Zhou Xusheng on one of our introduction to "novice should have site diagnosis and optimization ability" based on an article we read this article would be better, in this article we mentioned the layout of the key words, I think we should know the method of layout of key point: simple words review! Keywords layout is the most difficult to optimize the word on the front, and the new station when choosing keywords don’t choose too many keywords just started doing 3-5 can be, do not have one of the key words, it is easy to be K off Oh! Then I continue to Zhou Xusheng how to introduce the

you look at the picture, when I search for the word cloud love Shanghai can provide words, seemingly not very accurate, so we need to address these precise words to tap some of the potential customers, here the week CXS to introduce just an idea, a method of selection keywords, and do not represent the very precise, hope everyone Haihan! If you do after their own in the choice of keywords.

this is a picture of Zhou Xusheng I use Adsense tools to check out, not too accurate, but can refer to, is a red coil live in "cloud computing" the keyword search results, the blue coil is I want to choose keywords, what is "cloud computing", the author Zhou Xusheng believes that! To search for the word that he wanted to understand how the cloud computing, and he should spend bachelor degree or above, otherwise it will not know the word cloud computing, can be defined as our target users; and "cloud computing" is the word author Zhou Xusheng that is very accurate, can search the cloud computing the platform of most of the people should be understood to look for cloud computing, cloud computing platform to learn! So his station can also choose the keywords

3. by love Shanghai drop-down menu to tap the keywords, Shanghai dragon is based on love in Shanghai to do, the author Zhou Xusheng think so, a purely personal opinion, so we have to dig some long tail keywords with love Shanghai! I love Shanghai using the search box drop-down menu to tap the keywords as shown in figure

The author !

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