On the 360 bidding feasibility 360 promotion VS love Shanghai

is the basic assembly of product promotion information, to promote the 360 search how good, how good, some other search products how poor (some people know this). But Peng Jinjie is responsible for the company’s recent love Shanghai search promotion, or listen to it, but also love Shanghai contrast search promotion contrast, here to share out for reference:

360 for promotion advantage:




a few days ago, Peng Jinjie attended the 360 meeting of new customer marketing marketing conference, said that the high-end atmosphere on the grade, after all, is a 360 search product promotion conference, grab love Shanghai search promotion job.

2. second advantage Peng Jinjie believes is the quality of account for keywords ranking weight is relatively large. As we all know, for promotion keywords ranking factors have 2 points: the bid and the quality of key words. To improve the quality, means you can get a higher ranking with a lower bid. On the one hand to show the results of the search engine optimization promotion, on the other hand can also enhance the competitive ROI through other aspects, reduce the traffic cost.

1. people think the biggest advantage: compared to love Shanghai search promotion, competition is small, low bid. Love Shanghai search promotion now can be said to be a piece of the Red Sea, intense competition, price is also more and more high, and this trend is intensified, the flow cost is more and more high, in the jargon is ROI continue to rise. While the 360 search promotion situation is just the opposite, the market is a blue ocean, relatively few people use, competition is lower, the relative keywords offer love Shanghai search promotion also is much lower, the lowest price is 0.3 yuan, while the other search engines, the minimum bid is essentially a black box.

4. search page is relatively clean, put more security, click malicious brush relatively can get more control and treatment. Why do you say, on the one hand, 360>


3. customer service system more perfect. For the 360 search promotion service system understanding is not much, but the film, you can see the products from its focus on the aspects of customer service. But love Shanghai because of love or search promotion, Shanghai search business is huge, a customer service for a large number of customers, which in turn reduced to a single customer Business Hours and quality. The customer service details, flow, speed is not very seriously, this is because Peng Jinjie has deep experience: a love Shanghai search promotion invoice repeatedly to contact their customer service can be satisfied with the treatment, he gave me back a sentence: "I must be responsible for more than 3000 customers. There is no so much time to you," this answer let Peng Jinjie really Speechless.

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