Give people the convenience of the navigation station how to find their own way

site navigation station is currently facing the following difficulties:

The laws and regulations of the

4 and the lack of profit model, the grassroots webmaster in the flow of liquidity means less, can not effectively use the flow for the future development of the capital, can not guarantee the stability of traffic sources, all this let the grassroots site navigation station developed step step startling.

attended a local webmaster exchange conference yesterday, he was a lot of insight, the friends have earned tens of thousands of God by single page Taobao customers, as a famous veteran forum, look at your performance is really inferior by comparison. But I was holding an attitude to learning, in the process and their discussion, I found that we have a common understanding for web site operators and grasp the essence, as long as the main points, and adequate execution, it can be said that the ten sites to 9. Then the meaning of what is it? Yes, this is the essence of two words is convenient.

the above four points is the personal site navigation station, especially the difficulties frequently encountered this recipe site in the process of development, and has been since 2008, many have excellent navigation station down, it is precisely because of these problems is not properly resolved, the webmaster to.

1 content homogenization, random open the ten site navigation station will find a lot of websites have a website content fits, give the user the use value is not high, can replace the great.

3 network is becoming more and more perfect, the previous grassroots site navigation station can be modified through the promotion of pirated operating system and lock IE plug-ins, let grassroots web site to the rapid spread and development, but with the increase in network platform management, operation to get traffic through this kind of action has not.

The single

because in the existing Internet environment, who want to rely on a comprehensive development department or is like is simply suicidal. After all, Chinese website career development has now matured a lot, many gaps in the market have been occupied as the Internet giant, no resources, no money, no connections to the grassroots webmaster, want to move these cakes, certainly will not have a good end. So we have to start from the convenience of. When it comes to convenient, I will think of to make their own menu navigation station, you may love the fusion through the site, to give you fast Internet service, I had to do the site of the original intention. But the operation for a period of time found that things are not so simple, but in the meeting yesterday I asked a few veteran, now the experience, hope to help friends and I have the same problem.


2 Internet giants, which belongs to the grassroots webmaster fat has been divided up, and the giants with their own technology and the advantages of resources, their binding site navigation, makes a large part of traffic flow away from the grassroots site navigation station.

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