Experience of network promotion experience from the throw out the window incident to the Lenovo

2, website topic close to life. With the continuous development of society, economy and market increasingly open, it is not difficult to find, there are a lot of problems began to emerge, such as the food safety problem is related to the important topic of each person’s health, coupled with China in recent years has appeared in a series of food safety events, such as dairy enterprise Sanlu, Mengniu Coca-Cola, beverage enterprises (Shanxi poison Cola what events), industrial gelatin jelly, tainted steamed buns, poison capsule, fake COD and so on, can be said to be hated, let consumers be frightened and change color. So, when suddenly there was a site that, when you can give us reference and warning, we will love, even though it may not have much effect, or that the information provided is not exhaustive, but at least we are willing to look at, to refer to.

"throw out the window" is actually a website called "throw out the window", this site is composed of a number of graduate students from the Fudan University to do it myself, which is mainly a record of the city food safety problems in many parts of the country, the report, the number reached more than 3000, the purpose is to allow consumers to use this the platform, understands the different area, the city food safety problems occurred, and then give yourself a wake-up call, a reference.

when I see "throw out the window" the love of Shanghai index, found in recent days from 0 to 5000, a sudden jump up, and even continue to rise, ask what concept? It exactly is where sacred? How would all of a sudden from the No one shows any interest in, become hot topic? A major media for broadcast "Momo" and listen carefully to me?.

1, website content is very timely. "Throw out the window" is a special collection of food safety incidents, but also is a real case, it can give you a credibility. It can be said that the content is very interested in us, is really useful, or even related to the vital interests of all the people (health).

3, net >

look at this website, the domain name suffix is the type that do not use the site, the weight is low, the domain name age is less than a year, but the flow before the scanty, can one day become so hot, because too much and click on that the server was almost to collapse in the limelight, to let all network workers envy hate, what is the reason?

long time no post in the forum, a popular news network on amenorrhea yesterday, do not know if you haven’t found. Keywords this news is "throw out the window", I really do not know what it means, but do not know why it would be so hot, even the media all fall over each other ‘rush about telling the news around spreading. ".

himself is also a network of workers, for this I think a lot, think "throw out the window" is suddenly so popular are:

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