DOGU network station network to make ideasAnalysis of the current situation and development prospect

and I also do, from 7 points to 12 points to start the morning of September 10th, had sold 12 pieces, which is to say that I am pure made 110 dollars I bought is 10 yuan, is selling a 10 yuan, ha ha, the market price, a morning to earn 110 and many people still believe that satisfactory. I have to go to work in the afternoon, they also sent a text message to inform me, but this effect is not obvious, ah, shop on this point is not good. But in the evening, and business, and that day sold 20 pieces, that is, earned 190 yuan. In contrast, I earn 40 yuan commission.

one, CPS alliance industry confusion, opaque phenomenon is common.

traffic inside pages: www.tooou/goods.php, s=4567654919, jump directly to Taobao page, item_num_id=7451486534

has been in the guest station, of course, we are here not to talk about what kind of user experience. We’re talking about the small idea of making quick money at the moment. Two days ago, I found some commissions from a shop selling data, it is concluded in many parts, so to check the traffic statistics, I found the DOGU network related keywords 2010 English IBT to a lot of traffic, a preliminary calculation, a day is about more than 500 IP. When I was thinking, if I have to sell it, do not earn a commission of 20%. for the first time I’ve got an idea

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days later, the seller even changed the Commission has become 10%, ha ha, as Chaoshan people, I despise him once, put the Ming will not do business. My idea is even more intense, I want to sell, not by the seller, in fact, think again, one thing is very simple, it is to buy a genuine English network test data, and then hang himself in Taobao sell, then the DOGU network traffic to the Taobao store do not sell yourself, the better.

advertising investment technology needs upgrading, thinking is more innovative. In the current CPS alliance, individuals feel "trying to sell" pictures

three, CPS advertising requires technological revolution and thinking innovation

as the CPS Union in the personal Adsense, the most concern is CPS sales commission. The sales commission is to coordinate the advertising alliance with the CPS platform, a product and take kickbacks alliance. Because the webmaster is weak, unable to bargain with advertisers. All the rules formulated by the league, many of them in terms of the king and let the webmaster impossible to guard against the trap. Faced with the price and the terms of the alliance, the owners can only choose a better CPS alliance, or directly reject CPS advertising.

has always been CPS advertising, this effect pays advertising revenue model, there are poor product matching and affect the overall beauty of the site. I believe that many webmaster friends cast sh419, shlf1314 ads, the search engine advertising alliance is analyzed push advertising by crawling the page content, but often the cup, we see is not a good match for their website content and advertising, and even affect the appearance of some website. But large search engines do, not to mention the technical means of the CPS advertising alliance.


two, in the face of CPS union Adsense no bargaining power, only option

currently has hundreds of large and small CPS alliances in China, the competition is rather fierce Figure, no industry standards, relatively confusing. These CPS alliances, through the anti build CPS platform, advertisers and Adsense together. Typically, the CPS platform will open up a background for advertisers and webmasters to query the next day and provide data for them. The webmaster can not determine advertising and in recognition of these data is true, but often there are some black CPS alliance is through technical means to exploit the value of advertising deduction amount, some deduction amount even up to 30%, which has almost become an industry unspoken rule. In such an opaque market, the stationmaster is the object of exploitation.


sold 37 pieces in September 11th. In September 12th, they began their exams, and there was no business. This little idea, let me two days to earn more than 500, therefore, to have the opportunity or the preparation, there are ideas, the executive power of the people, I have the intention of the customer flow conditions, followed by conversion to its customers. This process is simple and simple, but I believe many people are lazy and unwilling to think. The way to make money in the Internet is really a lot. See how you do it.

CPS English full name Cost Per Sales, that is, by selling pay. In the entire CPS model, advertisers in accordance with advertising brought about by the sales and show advertising Adsense cent, simply speaking, through my website to help you sell more than how much money, you give me how much money?. If you consider it purely from the advertiser’s point of view, CPS is undoubtedly the first choice, so that it can avoid advertising risks. But why have a lot of stationmaster or reject? Stationmaster each have their difficulties. SO today, I would like to discuss the current situation and prospects of CPS advertising.

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