A case analysis on P 10000 site revision sad Road

two: adhere to the original content updates are unable to keep the constant loss of flow

: the use of a 404 error page barely keep the flow a bit, but this is just the tip of the iceberg

as the optimization personnel, we always need to be prepared for the site upgrade, but we also clearly understand updated ranking flow to the site’s influence is huge, is the site of our website is injured in the sinews or bones the impact is bigger. When we think of as information, each kind of situation encountered, but often some small details still haven’t been able to stop the search engine for site punishment. Today I will simply ignore a method in one day last year, tens of thousands of IP site revision when the details of the problems caused by the sad road now. First, let’s look at the result of the punishment of the search engine traffic. As shown below:

search engine to find the original page does not exist, the search engine will start to delete the page before included, while the flow of the site will begin to decrease. But this time we even every day to constantly update the original content, also cannot keep the loss of traffic, because the weight of our site is the lowest, will not get good rankings. Because we have a lot of content because of the deletion causes search engine punishment, the search engine is not so fast your content will be included, even if your content is original high quality content. This will also lead to the site’s traffic decreased.

because of the site page is large, the main flow is through the long tail keywords, this can not be the existence of a large number of level two or three page redirection settings. This approach can only do the worst, the use of 404 error pages. Need to pay attention to in the 404 error page set point is not to jump directly to our home page, but to give our visitors a choice of options to allow visitors to jump, otherwise easy to be a search engine that is a means of cheating. Set the 404 error page in the author, have saved some traffic, but compared to the loss of traffic can only be said to be pale into insignificance by comparison.

on the site before the revision, I think a lot of people just enter the optimization industry soon will follow the same, will go to the first on a number of tutorials and some we need to follow the principles of. But the search engine is updated, and the properties of each site are not the same, the method has a good effect on a site is not suitable for your site, we cannot copy of these theories. So in addition to seriously during the revision of some details of our site to learn "

we can see on the site before the revision, when it is in December 21st, on the IP of the site there are about ten thousand. But in the second days after the revision of the traffic plummeted to around 1400. For this flow fluctuation by the analysis of a series of.

With the

three: optimization theory and the actual situation at

In figure

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