Describes how to write to optimize the website

a website not only one or two pages, there is usually a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of pages, so the question is, if these pages describe the same words, repetition will be very high, the search engine will mercilessly to the site is too high or even repeated punishment filter. Therefore, Langchuang network marketing that avoid duplicate content many is a very important aspect.

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there is a written description in time, some owners always love to keep the description with the content, but the description is simplified, therefore in the description of the content is not too much. The reason is very simple, the first reason is that users do not have enough patience to see long and complicated content, the second reason is in the search results in long content and cannot be revealed. So, Langchuang network marketing believes that the key words can describe the best control in less than eighty words, concise. Of course, the webmaster not because of this and some fetters, you can choose a little less to write a little, just want to express itself to express clearly clearly.

description is too long, too hard, too similar? These were not

also has some areas of concern in the process of describing the write, do not write some search engine does not match the norms, to write rules to hold the description tag, or website may accept a certain punishment. Although nowadays innovation is very important, want to let a person shine at the moment, but in some places there are clear provisions, or to abide by the law according to the rules, otherwise it will bring some trouble. In addition it is better to avoid verbal content, try to use written language, or difficult to give a formal professional image.

first, we need to make sure that once over optimized, then the traces will be very obvious, but the development of the site can be said to be very bad. Therefore, when the website optimization, remember to control the optimization means while adapting, in order to avoid the phenomenon of out of control. In addition to note here is that the implant subject keywords, description, keywords too much will have the opposite effect to the user experience of reading, the user will have piled up doubts. Of course, if these words mean not available, there is no need to cut in order to avoid arousing suspicion.


we know that in the past the search results, not only the title of the site will display the same website, relevant description will be revealed. However, only the appropriate new eye-catching description leads to a better user click to access the site, then let galloping horse network marketing to tell you how to write the description to attract people.

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