Discussion on how to optimize some experiences within the site

setting is very important!Optimize the internal

3) not affect the website internal link to die

some webmaster can make the website Links as a part of the chain, but I was used to it as is the interior of the website optimization, after all Links in Web sites, but not in the website. Of course, the Links as the chain belong to external optimization, or that is the site of internal optimization this is not important, important is Links in our webmaster optimization is indeed helpful, but also help or very specific website, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so Links is essential, therefore the webmaster can sometimes be with the same site a lot of exchange is Links.


1). The stand diameter and static

2) can some similar sites exchange of appropriate Links

also, as long as the line on the website or operation for a long time, I believe the site within more or less will be some "open. So, in order to avoid the loss of visitors flow, but also to do website internal optimization better, we all.

as one of the most important parts of the website, the website is to try to make the path URL short, as long as the site your URL path is shorter, so the corresponding web site in the rankings get more easily on the website, so a URL path is very necessary. In addition, although love Shanghai and each big search engine does not exclude the dynamic web page, but relatively speaking, static web pages or more popular, but also for the web site overall with the ranking will be relatively high, so, under the situation of choice, I suggest you stop long are able to put the website static on the best static.


remember there is a saying: a rotten pot of Chinese cabbage soup, Shanghai dragon has always stressed that the details of the exquisite, in operation it is actually reflected, dead links can not open URL, is likely to make people to your site to your web site to produce anti sense and search engine spiders climbed up to here, find the path ahead it will no longer drop forward to climb, so give it the effect is not good. But the search engine is not love to put a chain with death row in front of the site, of course, this is not absolute, but to optimize the webmaster, try to deal with what is absolutely no dead link ring.

said Shanghai Longfeng optimization, most of the webmaster estimate will think outside the chain, or what, few webmaster will be the first time to think of the site is inside Shanghai Longfeng optimal range, that as long as the heap chain can improve the site’s ranking. In fact, this idea is not very accurate, improve the number of the chain or quality can indeed help improve website ranking, but the site is only rely on the chain is not enough, here I will be here to share with you the webmaster I is how to optimize the internal site of some personal experience.

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