to prevent and deal with the way to talk about the site right down


‘s original words.

site right down to prevent and improve website weight is the same topic, and coping methods website down right prevention and right down is the same, no matter now novice webmaster in what kind of situation, must be positive to face. I also have a website for some time, some feelings and opinions I talk about in these areas.

chain of short-term fluctuations in the number is too large, may be judged as cheating and punished; a large number of low quality of the chain may be updated in time instant evaporation, this result led directly to the site weight and ranking drop. The site outside the chain, the quality of novice webmaster must not ignore the chain, a high quality of the chain can be equivalent to dozens or even hundreds of low quality chain. High quality here refers to the combination of weight and stability.


two, attention can not be ignored the quality of the chain chain construction site

for the novice webmaster, prevention website down right is more important than after right should be, because there are a large number of experienced veteran webmaster website down right and left the lessons and experience for the novice webmaster, as a novice webmaster what need to repeat the site right down the mistakes and not to advance prevention? We are speaking to a rookie, hope to success at the station, the mentality is very fragile, so to prevent down the right site or website construction and promotion of more mistakes is to ensure that the premise of our successful

, a search engine is the foundation of our understanding by Shanghai dragon website weight increase.

understand the search engine, we found a lot of internal website optimization techniques are derived from the Shanghai dragon on the search engine to understand, such as the use of H1, title series label, keyword method and effect of blackbody processing, key distribution etc..

three, pay attention to the original content and adhere to a daily quantitative update

The importance of

Links is very important in the chain is also very prone to problems. Links said, is that it can not only bring traffic, but also will let you inherit a part of the other party weight. But once the chain site is k or drop right, but also affect their own website. So, novice webmaster do friendship must carefully review the connection, do not see the other side of the site in time, maintain friendly communication with each other.

on the one hand, we have done the work is my Shanghai dragon in order to cater to the tastes of spiders, it is timely and efficiently collected and take up our website. Do not think that the spider is just a program, and ignore it for artificial intelligence. Many new Adsense keen on the original is false to the spider artificial intelligence do not pay attention, so as to eventually lose the favour of spiders. The spider will copy the contents of the test in the crawl and grab, then the false original article is easy to determine as copied or reproduced version, which affects the spider crawling to interest. At this time, the webmaster can find spiders in the log file, you should know the reason why the log is not included.

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