According to the personal station of Shanghai eleven love


first, it seems to me that love Shanghai 11 refers to the intervention of natural ranked eleventh is not accurate. The rankings in the 12, 13, 14 is also a common phenomenon. Secondly, manual intervention is also to be research, every day out of the station do well beyond count, optimize the station also meet the eye everywhere. Most of the webmaster is unknown to the public, the station Baidu regardless of, can not be all day watching your station, pull you to page second. So, in my opinion, love Shanghai is certainly has its own set of all aspects of the user experience of the check standard, love Shanghai 11 is a manifestation of love Shanghai algorithm, rather than artificial intervention.

traditional love Shanghai 11 refers to the phenomenon of love by the Shanghai manual intervention right down lead to the first ranking fell to second pages, also is the natural ranked eleventh. Popular point that is your website optimization while doing very well, but all other aspects of the user experience and your ranking does not meet, you will love Shanghai on the 11. This phenomenon has been one of the most popular topic of personal webmaster discussion, but my personal experience for the optimization of station’s personal point of view, love is not so simple phenomenon of Shanghai 11. Here is my in Henan to recruit teaching network, the "love Shanghai 11" view

Henan strokes teach the standing on the line less than a month, including Henan, Henan strokes teach teacher qualification will net a few keywords ranked in the top three Shanghai love home. But soon, concerns took two weeks to tread on air! This website, several important keywords is the overall decline in beloved Shanghai second pages, also is the emergence of the "love Shanghai 11" phenomenon.

=SE website optimization experience + user experience. First of all, from the analysis of my experience to SE station. Love Shanghai spiders in the test of a station only from the following points: a large number of the chain, the original high quality articles, high frequency update, website structure etc.. The website every day I will be updated accordingly, the quality of the chain is not high, but has always insisted on doing so, the reason for this effect is very small. The structure of the site in Shanghai in the early days of 11 I will have to consider, the accumulation of a large number of keywords may also have influence, also changed in time. Therefore, I estimate that the biggest reason is the original update. Do the original has been very poor, because Henan recruit teaching has always been a bottleneck of network update, the most updated content is information kind, I stand before release, there have been many stations were collected, pseudo original original is difficult to even think of the importance of the original! Needless to mention, active the site at any time with fresh class capacity will certainly enrich the search engine website frequented, ranking nature is good. Secondly, from the perspective of user experience, because the updated content is poor originality, natural user experience good to go. In addition, the website has no good offline promotion methods, therefore, put a lot of advertising alliance, to some extent also has a bad effect on the user experience. Contrary to the Shanghai dragon’s purpose: user experience first. This analysis result, does not appear to love Shanghai 11 > now

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