Tool 5 function optimization on Shanghai dragon love Shanghai statistics

fourth optimization tool search word ranking, believe that used should love Shanghai statistics are very clear, it is most of the owners are most concerned about the user, through which word search into the site, which can optimize the rationalization of the keywords and long tail keywords, keywords and long tail keywords in the aspects of the next article in here is not to write it, say.

the first optimization tool of Shanghai Longfeng suggestions. Love Shanghai crown of the Shanghai dragon is certainly very friendly advice for the love of spiders in Shanghai, this is no doubt. Shanghai Longfeng proposal contains the length of the URL, the static page parameters, meta information, the degree of perfection of the picture ALT information img, frame information, flash label text information of these, used the statistical function of love Shanghai should understand that the check will be able to detect the site where need to be optimized, at a glance, very convenient.

third optimization tool love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram, a very good tool to use. Accurately reflected to your visitors to the site where to stay and what link, what website more visitors, which links are not clicked off and replaced the popular content up, increase the viscosity and PV


second weapon website speed diagnosis, can clearly see that you need to open the website how many times the number of requests, and puts forward suggestions to optimize the number of requests to the site, reduce speed. This mainly includes: with the domain name, cancel the redirection, with JS, with CSS, using CSS Sprite, with gzip server to enable compression function, reduce page download these items, some owners may code for the program is not very understand, so I don’t know how to do, since the love of Shanghai statistics pointed out to you with you know where the problem is to tell the programmer to solve the problem.

fifth weapon included the amount of query, each update included the Shanghai love increase or decrease, monitoring the health of the site of the full range of. Because of the time did not say so much, if you didn’t use love Shanghai statistics can register a look, if the owners want to take advantage of this tool, love Shanghai statistics is not just a statistical tool but also optimize the helper, these killer is some other tools not available. Zhang Ke original reprint attribution (www.longbao贵族宝贝. Www.sc1937贵族宝贝. Do not steal the fruits of labor of others), starting

Hello, I am Zhang Ke, want to share with you today is love love Shanghai Shanghai statistical tools, the official launch of statistical tools is updating for the webmaster have brought many benefits, also love Shanghai webmaster attention is also more and more high, statistical tools today I love Shanghai for this several functions for the owners of the importance of.


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