WordPress ignored Shanghai dragon skills do you know


most of the time, we do not completely in its website architecture to find the so-called Shanghai dragon skills. This is often have the order reversed. Take the WordPress, the Shanghai dragon optimization has done very well, even taking into account the details for us. These details are often ignored by us. This article from a small details that improve your website’s function in Shanghai dragon.

/ Mapo TofuThis is used

/tag/ /

/ /

for example, let us assume that a "cookbook" website, there are different for different recipes, such as Sichuan, Guangdong, under normal circumstances will appear below the classification and labelling of links:

two, the actual operation of

When you use

/ Sichuan / /

Mapo Tofu

to achieve the above "optional" settings, only need to set:

WordPress, set a fixed link into a required course, and there is an optional option under the fixed link:

obviously, for the above link is not the best. We all know there is a long tail keywords Shanghai dragon, users love search may not directly enter the "Sichuan" and "Mapo Tofu", but "how to do it" and "how to do Mapo Tofu". So if we become the site classification of the address below is enhancing the user experience of

this is the original article, starting in Admin5, the author website gold theme network www.dianjin123贵族宝贝, please keep the link.

?How do

" is to let you into the keyword classification page and page address labels to go, if you left, your page and page address label classification is the alias.

/category/ Sichuan /

This "based on

? Directory prefix, prefix labels, people should be understood as the word prefix. In fact, this is a misguided translation, leading to a lot of people talking. The two English is "Category base" and "Tag base", the base should be translated as "based on", that is to say classification based on label based on what, what. It is easy to understand, category and tag based on what kind of directory.

How do

you are finally forgot your fixed link to /%postname%/, if you can not access the site, can be set to /%postname%.html.


What is

, a background

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