Why do have to choose the original Shanghai Dragon ndustry

Shanghai dragon

stock speculation over friend must know the K line trend continued to rise, giving evaluation: buy! Ah, in real life, if you can buy this stock, I’m not frequent tears cut. Well, love index in Shanghai told us, "query the increasing number of Shanghai dragon", if it shows that Shanghai dragon is a high growth industry, we can’t go wrong? And so on, people may query Shanghai dragon has two kinds: want to learn Shanghai Longfeng people (the same line, future competitors) want to buy, Shanghai dragon people (customers, potential customers). If the latter is the case, the world is beautiful, to see the money, just a little tired tired. But the reality is certainly not the only contrast, peers and customers index, can be found in the future of the industry is good to do. Check the "Shanghai dragon learning", to peer.

this industry?



today I ask myself, why I had to choose Shanghai, this industry? I think, answer: just met. Perhaps a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and me, there is a chance to work on the Shanghai dragon, adding to the industry, opened in Shanghai Longfeng unsuspectingly journey to release the first chain and everywhere registered forum account, to write the first article pseudo original articles and brains…… After a few weeks later, found that Shanghai dragon is a non-stop live, because Shanghai Longfeng pay too much attention to the details, to fine hair like countless. Most of the time people are on the verge of collapse, would like me to ask myself, why I had to choose Shanghai dragon

and colleagues began, from the end of 09, the influx, the development trend in the ah, index’s index is always unable to break 150, hovering at about 120 ha, is certainly a lot of people can’t stay on the withdrawal, Shanghai dragon and playing mahjong, in the end is a physical fight and willpower. We look at the customer index, "Shanghai dragon" outsourcing "Shanghai dragon company:

"the affair must not ask the love of Shanghai, foreign affairs decided not to ask Google, choose the occupation belongs to the business, do not ask the valley brother. Ask yourself love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, certainly not know the reference results page is peer optimization of the pseudo original, up to 50 laugh 100 paces, no value. Post Bar, know not to go, there is a distribution chain release, library? Soft everywhere, but also points to purchase, I go to select the most reliable choice!, or love Shanghai index, with the number of words the most reliable! What? I hold for a long time, input three English letters "Shanghai dragon", sigh, recover the original simplicity well, do so long, baby diaper index checked is not checked in Shanghai Longfeng index. The results appear as below:

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